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USS Eagle Intel Lab Crypto

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Crypto is the name of the Intelligence Lab on the [[USS Eagle]], located on deck one, behind the Bridge. Crypto is a high tech computer lab that is linked both to Star Fleet Intelligence Headquarters on Earth and the Fleet Intel Lead, at the Black Tower on Starbase 118.
At its core, '''Starfleet Intelligence''' is similar to the more famous intelligence agencies of the past such as the CIA, KGB and MI6 (or SIS). The role of Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) is to provide the Federation with a galactic covert capability to promote and defend the security and well-being of the Federation and its member worlds. Hierarchically, Starfleet Intelligence maintains a central headquarters on Earth, where senior officers oversee the broad Intelligence mission. The vast majority of Intelligence work, however, is done by the field units, found throughout the Federation. Many field units may be grouped together into a taskforce. Ultimately, an Intelligence unit is made up of a number of different sections, all with section leaders who report to their Unit Director, who in turn reports to any applicable Taskforce Head, who in turn reports to their designated contact at Intel HQ. A Director may also be required to pass on relevant mission related data to the ranking StarFleet Officer (who in turn reports to their Flag Officer) at their local site. While the work that SFI does is generally inclusive, the end result can have far reaching consequences. [[Image:Eagle Intel Lab.jpg|thumb|450px525px|left|USS Eagle Crypto Intel Lab on Deck One with date stream storage]]
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