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Baylen Anders

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Baylen M. Anders is Stationed on the [[USS Eagle]] he is stationed as an Intel Officer, He makes himself an expert in the current mission, as a former Mission Specialist he runs the Intel department much the same way, not being a fan of the cloak and dagger operations. Baylen has become a combination of a science officer and a tactical officer, as the a Mission Specialist he researches the mission, briefs senior staff and helps come up with strategy to implement the mission, Intel is no different in a lot of respects. Baylen always makes sure that the day to day reports and general paper work paperwork are logged and filed on top of making sure that the C.O. and F.O. needs are meet. Baylen prides his self himself on being able to meet the needs of the command staff before they know they have the needs.
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lt. Commander|Red|DS9|239210.22|239212.21|Mission Specialist}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lt. Commander|Red|DS9|239212.21|Present239303.21|Second Office & Mission Specialist}}
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