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Lael Rosek

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<h1 style="margin:0; background:linear-gradient(-90deg, #FFFFFF, #800000 , #800000 , #FFFFFF); font-size:120%; border-radius: 14px; border:0px; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.2em 0.4em;"> '''“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”''' </h1>
'''Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek''' is the a {{age|2369|10|24}}-year-old first officer of the {{USS|Montreal}} under Commander [[Mei'konda]]Academy Engineering instructor. She previously served as an engineer and helm officer respectively aboard the starships [[USS Victory|''Victory]], [[USS Gorkon|''Gorkon'']], [[USS Za|''Za'']], and [[USS Veritas|''Veritas'']], and [[USS Montreal|''Montreal'']]. She was chief engineer of the latter vessel[[USS Veritas|''Veritas'']] and first officer of the [[USS Montreal|''Montreal'']] and [[USS Astraeus|''Astraeus'']] respectively.
She was born in Cedar Springs, Michigan on Earth to mother Adelynn Rosek minutes before her twin brother, Kellan Rosek. As a child, she excelled at mathematics and science. Always curious about the world around her and the way things worked, she enjoyed building and repairing things, much to her mother's displeasure. At the tender age of 17, she enrolled in the Command Track at Starfleet Academy only to be dropped from it due her very negative reaction to the torture and hostage holovids and texts she was exposed to. Instead, she decided to pursue the Engineering track.
|width=200|'''Full Name'''
|Lael Elizabeth Rosek
|'''[[T/E Rating]]'''
|T2/E3 E4 (T4/E4 with [[Chythar Skyfire]]), Empathic projection abilities
|'''Date of Birth'''
|'''Marital Status'''
|SingleEngaged to [[German Galven]]|-|'''Children'''|Pregnant, EDD: 239703.20
|'''Current Assignment'''
|{{USS|Montreal}}Starfleet Academy
|'''Current Posting'''
|First OfficerEngineering Instructor
|'''Hair Color/Length'''
|Shoulder-length dirty blonde waves(Dyed)|Shoulder-length dark brown (Natural)
|'''Eye Color'''
! style="background:#010707;" | 239509.04 - 239510.31
! style="background:#010707;" |''Chief Engineer''
! style="background:#010707;" rowspan="2" | {{Pips|Lieutenant Commander|Red|Slanted}}
! style="background:#010707;" rowspan="2"| Lieutenant Commander
! style="background:#010707;" | 239510.31 - 239605.27
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;" rowspan="1"| [[File:MontrealLogo.png|USS Montreal|100px]]<br><sub>{{USSwhite|Montreal}}
! style="background:#010707;" rowspan="2" | First Officer
! style="background:#010707;" | 239606.09 - 239611.19
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;" rowspan="1"| [[File:AstraeusLogo.png|USS Astraeus|100px]]<br><sub>{{USSwhite|Astraeus}}
{| class="collapsible collapsed" width=850px
! style="background:#343434; width:140px;" |Duty Post
! style="background:#010707;" | {{Pips|Lieutenant Commander|RedGold|Slanted}}
! style="background:#010707;" | Lieutenant Commander
! style="background:#010707;" | 239510239611.31 19 - Present ! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;" rowspan="3"| [[File:MontrealLogoAcademyLogo2390.png|USS MontrealStarfleet Academy|100px]]<br><sub>{{USSwhite|MontrealAstraeus}}! style="background:#010707;" | First OfficerEngineering Instructor
{| class="collapsible collapsed" width=850px
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;"|{{Ribbons|Explorer's Ribbon|100|3}}
! style="background:#010707"|Explorer's Ribbon (3rd Citation)
! colspan="5" style="background:#800000; height:1px;" |
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;" | {{Ribbons|Silver Star|100|3}}
! style="background:#010707;" | Silver Star, 3rd Citation
! style="background:#010707;" rowspan="3" | 239601.01
! style="background:#010707; padding:5px;" rowspan="5"|[[File:MontrealLogo.png|USS Montreal|100px]]<br><sub>{{USSwhite|Montreal}}
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;"|{{Ribbons|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal|100}}
! style="background:#010707"|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;"|{{Ribbons|Maiden Voyage Ribbon|100}}
! style="background:#010707"|Maiden Voyage Ribbon
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;" | {{Ribbons|Captain's Commendation|100|3}}
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;" | {{Ribbons|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal|100|2}}
! style="background:#010707;" | Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal, 2nd Citation
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;" | {{Ribbons|Prisoner of War Ribbon|100|3}}
! style="background:#010707;" | Prisoner of War Ribbon, 3rd Citation
! style="background:#010707;" rowspan="3" | 239606.27
! style="background:#010707; padding:5px;" rowspan="5"|[[File:AstraeusLogo.png|USS Astraeus|100px]]<br><sub>{{USSwhite|Astraeus}}
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;" | {{Ribbons|Federation Cross|100|1}}
! style="background:#010707;" | Federation Cross
! style="background:#010707; padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;" | {{Ribbons|Operation Safe Harbor|100|3}}
! style="background:#010707;" | Operation Safe Harbor
{{header|Maroon|Post-Academy: USS VICTORY}}
[[Image:Rosek.jpg|thumb|150px|left|Lael aboard the {{USS|Victory}} (2392).]]
Upon graduating on Stardate 239202, Lael was assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard the {{USS|Victory}} and arrived aboard just after the ship had been severely damaged by the events at [[What_Happened_At_Luxis_III_(Victory)|Luxis II]]. Her first tasks as a green ensign were focused on repairing the damage to the ship.
Before the repairs could be completed, Captain [[Nugra]] and the crew were given new orders that resulted in them temporarily being assigned to the {{USS|Achilles}} with the mission of hunting down a missing vial of Plasmodium-falciparum Romulopesti (PFR, or [[Skyfire Cure|Skyfire Virus]]) in conjunction with the [[Romulan Republic]]. However, the mission didn't go as planned and while chasing a young woman her colleague, Ensign [[Janel Tarna]] suspected of having the missing vial, both she and [[Janel Tarna|Tarna]] were captured and tortured by an organization called [[Sicarius]]. The two were eventually rescued, but not before both received severe injuries with [[Janel Tarna|Tarna]]'s being life threatening. After retrieving the vial, they returned to the ''Achilles'' for treatment and counseling.
After a well-earned shoreleave, the crew of the ''Victory'' returned to their ship. Once out of dry dock, they encountered Captain [[Harrington James]] of the ''SS Lady Adventure'' who shared information about the ''USS Arrow'', a ship that had been lost in the 23rd century. While the away team was aboard the lost ship investigating, the ''Victory'' encountered a group of hostile [[Tholians]] who demanded the ''Victory'' leave their space, forcing the crew to work quickly to retrieve the stranded away team. The [[Tholians]] attacked with webs and caused radiation leaks on decks 5-7. Lael was a part of the team that evacuated those decks, first getting sick from the radiation and then seizing from an allergy to the inoculation. She was treated in Sickbay and made a full recovery.
<h5>'''Full Timeline'''</h5>
*'''239102.24'''--Lael arrives on the ''Victory'' following the Luxis III crisis.
*'''239203.13'''--Lael goes on her first mission as a member of the ''Victory'' crew to Temlai in search of missing vials of the [[Skyfire Cure|Skyfire Virus]].
*'''239203.13-239203.16'''--Lael is captured by {{n|Sicarius}} and held prisoner, drugged, and tortured for three days.
*'''239203.18'''--Lael requests a transfer to Helm/Comm/Ops.
*'''239205.20'''--Lael is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and is awarded a [[Purple Heart]], a [[Silver Lifesaving Ribbon]], and the [[Prisoner of War Ribbon]].
*'''239207.15'''--Lael is diagnosed with radiation poisoning during [[The Spider's Web (Victory)|The Spider's Web]] mission and has a severe allergic reaction to Hyronalyn, an ingredient in the inoculation, resulting in a seizure.
*'''239207.16'''--Lael receives the [[Medical Science Ribbon]] for her part in rescuing and inoculating the crew.
*'''239207.16'''--Lael is transferred to Helm/Comm/Ops aboard the {{n|USS Gorkon}}
'''Supplemental Data File: [[Lael_Rosek/USS_Victory_Service_Jacket|Victory Service Jacket]]'''.
{{header|Maroon|Post-Academy: USS GORKON}}
[[Image:Lael Rosek.png|thumb|150px|right|Lael aboard the {{USS|Gorkon}} (2392).]]
Following the decommissioning of the ''Victory'' on Stardate 239207.17, Lael transferred to the {{USS|Gorkon}}. While adjusting to life aboard her new ship assignment, Lael experienced lingering nightmares from the [[The_Spider%27s_Web_(Victory)|Tholian incident]] and went to Sickbay, where she met Doctor [[Jansen Orrey]], who she felt an instant attraction to.
Shoreleave soon wrapped up and the ''Gorkon'' crew responded to a distress call from the ''USS Tharsis'', which was caught in a gravity well. Lael beamed over with a team led by Commander [[Chen]] in an attempt to free the trapped ship and save the crew. Little did the away teams know a flying creature had accidentally been set loose that bit the crew, causing them to hallucinate and become violent. While trying to escape those hunting them, Commander [[Chen]] was rendered unconscious by a phaser blast, forcing the remaining members of the team to carry him to safety. While the away teams and some of the ''Tharsis'' crew were safely retrieved, the ''Tharsis'' and all remaining hands were lost when the gravity well tore the ship apart.
Following the ''Tharsis'' mission, the crew was prepared for the awards dinner, a masquerade theme set on Astrofori One's Holodeck 666 in a creepy Victorian mansion. But they soon found themselves in the midst of a very real murder mystery when the body of the deceased Cardassian envoy, Kotan Jara, was discovered in the library and attempts to shut down the program led them to realize they were trapped in the simulation. They began their search for clues and the culprit, leading them to a creepy basement with remnants of what they suspected to be blood. Lael and [[Jansen Orrey|Jansen]] were then separated from the group when [[Jansen Orrey|Jansen]] and found themselves in an underground labyrinth, searching for a way back to their team. As they went, they found evidence that someone had been living there and that the holodeck systems were failing. At last, they escaped and rejoined their team only to find that Commander [[Walter Brunsig|Walter Brunsig]] had been shot by a bullet meant for Captain [[Quinn Reynolds|Reynolds]]. When they moved him back to the mansion, they found Commander [[Alucard Vess|Vess]] wounded as well. Once they had successfully found a way to deactivate the program, both men were beamed to Sickbay for further treatment.
After the mission, while being treated in Sickbay, Lael asked after [[Walter Brunsig|Brunsig]]. Once she was cleared, she returned to her quarters to catch up with her friends and her brother. In pain and scared, Lael finally confessed to [[Jansen Orrey|Jansen]] about the complications with her spinal injury and he offered his help. The day after, they went on their first date on the holodeck.
With shoreleaave over, it was back to work. What started as a standard mission scanning a nebula soon turned disastrous as some unusual readings led to them being pulled into an alternate universe ruled by the Dominion where the Federation didn't exist and its former officers were hunted by Dominion solders and loyalists. They spent months on the run, trying to keep a low profile while they worked to repair the damaged Gorkon and to return to their own universe. They were led by a man named Connor Lucas to a group of Romulans who offered the parts they needed in exchange for the rescue of a Romulan crew taken prisoner by [[Erik Jansen|Erik Jansen]], [[Alucard Vess|Vess]]'s evil alternate universe counterpart. The team managed to lie their way aboard [[Deep Space 10]] where the prisoners were being held and they split into two groups to locate the prisoners. Once their mission had been completed, they returned to the ''Gorkon'' aboard Lucas's shuttle, but Lael was injured in the process, the intense pain of her spinal injury, exacerbated by a collision with a bulkhead, had caused her to pass out. She was taken to the ''Gorkon'''s sickbay for treatment.
About a month after the DSX incident, she encountered [[Chythar Skyfire|Chythar Skyfire]] in the Sto'vo'kor Lounge and, despite resenting him for the pain the [[Skyfire Cure|Skyfire Virus]] and subsequent [[Skyfire Cure]] had brought into her life, the two quickly became friends. Not long after, the crew found a way home via a Romulan deflector array used to open another fissure like the one they'd been pulled through months ago and managed to evade [[Erik Jansen|Erik Jansen]]'s ships to find the {{USS|Yarahla}}, under the command of Commander [[Walter Brunsig|Brunsig]] waiting on the other side to tow them back to Earth.
<h5>'''Full Timeline'''</h5>
* '''239207.17'''--Lael arrives on the USS Gorkon
* '''239301.21'''-- 239309.07--Lael and the Gorkon crew spend nearly a year trapped in a Dominion-ruled universe.
* '''239312'''--Lael and Jansen get engaged.
* '''239401'''--Lael and Jansen break off their engagement and their relationship.
* '''239401.21'''--Lael is promoted to full Lieutenant
* '''239404.14'''--Lael undergoes spine replacement surgery.
* '''239404.17'''--Lael is transferred to the USS Za.
'''Supplemental Data File: [[Lael_Rosek/USS_Gorkon_Service_Jacket|Gorkon Service Jacket]]'''.
{{header|Maroon|Post-Academy: USS ZA}}
[[Image:Lael rosek 3.jpg|thumb|100px|left|Lael aboard the {{USS|Za}} (2394).]]
Shortly after her spinal replacement surgery, Lael followed her transfer orders with her friends [[Dassa Alexander|Dassa]] and [[Chythar Skyfire|Chythar]] to the {{USS|Za}} where [[Alex Blair|Alex]] was already waiting. Not long after her arrival, she reported for her first duty shift on the bridge where she was a part of first contact with a bear-like race called the [[Hocktin]]. Lael was assigned to [[Alex Blair|Alex]]'s team to help with setting up a ship to ship network to exchange information. However, the mission quickly went sour when a crewmember was bitten by a flea-like creature and was exposed to a deadly virus.
To make matters worse, Lael and [[Alex Blair|Alex]] were bitten while aboard the [[Hocktin]] vessel and Captain [[Keelah Rhani|Rhani]] her team were taken hostage by a militaristic faction. The situation was further exacerbated when [[Hocktin]] scientist Professor Mindor beamed aboard without following proper quarantine procedures and exposed the whole ship to the virus. Lael and [[Alex Blair|Alex]] learned that the Captain had been taken and had to they fight against time to get a blood sample from the immune [[Hocktin]] to save the crew and locate the Captain before the disease reached its final stage. The energy they expended in their efforts took a severe toll on them both and they barely returned to the ''Za'' in time to receive the cure the Medical team had synthesized.
====='''Full Timeline'''=====
*'''239404.18'''--Lael arrives on the {{n|USS Za}}.
*'''239407.01'''--Lael becomes infected with the Hocktin virus and, after helping rescuing the Captain and the others, receives the vaccine.
*'''239407.06'''--Lael receives transfer orders to the {{USS|Veritas}}.
'''Supplemental Data File: [[Lael_Rosek/USS_Za_Service_Jacket|Za Service Jacket]]'''.
{{header|Maroon|Post-Academy: USS VERITAS}}
[[Image:Lael-Rosek-5.jpg|thumb|150px|right|Lael aboard the {{USS|Veritas}} (2395).]]
Lael transferred to the {{USS|Veritas}} on Stardate 239407.07 after the decommissioning of the {{USS|Za}}. When she, [[Chythar Skyfire|Chythar]], and [[Alex Blair|Alex]] beamed down to New Macau, the [[Antor II]] capital, they were shocked at the devastation they found. When they beamed aboard the ''Veritas'', they checked in with Captain [[Roshanara Rahman]] where they learned that rifts in space had caused disastrous earthquakes that had damaged many of the planet's dome environments and made them uninhabitable on top of leaving many people dead. Lael was assigned to work with [[Alex Blair|Alex]] and [[Luna Walker]], the ''Veritas'' Chief Engineer, to repair the domes. While they determined a more sustainable, longer term solution, they beamed down to establish temporary housing in some old mines that would protect the inhabitants from dangerous levels of tetryon radiation. However, they became caught in a cave-in. While Lael and [[Alex Blair|Alex]] escaped unharmed, [[Luna Walker|Luna]] and [[Anjar Thoran]] became trapped. Lael, [[Alex Blair|Alex]] and the Search and Rescue (SAR) Team led by Commander [[Kelrod]] and Lieutenant, Junior Grade [[Carter Greyson]] worked desperately to free the two trapped officers. At last, they were able to safely retrieve [[Luna Walker|Luna]] and [[Anjar Thoran|Anjar]] and transport them to Sickbay to be treated for their injuries.
====='''Full Timeline'''===== *'''''239407.07'''''--Lael arrives on the {{n|USS Veritas}}.*'''''239407.08'''''--Lael assists with the rescue of Lieutenant Commander Walker and Lieutenant Junior Grade Thoran following an unexpected cave-in.*'''''239407.08'''''--Lael and Lieutenant Commander Walker get into a disagreement during the briefing about a safe course of action to further investigate what happened. Both receive a dress-down from Rahman.*'''''239407.10'''SUPPLEMENTAL DATA FILE:''--Lael dislocates her shoulder when the ''Veritas'' is attacked <ref>Refers to the boarding of the {{USS|Veritas}} over [[Antor II]] during the '''''[[Aftershock (Veritas)|Aftershock]]''''' mission.</ref>.*'''''239411.09'''''--Lael fights against Klingons trying to hack Outpost 3's systems.*'''''239502.10'''''--Lael leads her first Engineering away team.*'''''239502.10'''''--Lael gets shot in the shoulder by intruders aboard the ''Astraeus'' while trying to reinforce the forcefield protecting the injured in the Engineering section <ref>Refers to '''''[[The_Irresistible_Prize_(Veritas)|The Irresistible Prize]]''''' mission when the ''Astraeus'' became trapped after trying to exceed the maximum weight limitations for starships in the Shoals and was boarded by pirates..</ref>.<br><br>'''Supplemental Data File: [[Lael_Rosek/USS_Veritas_Service_Jacket|Veritas Service Jacket]]'''.<br><br>{{header|Maroon|Post-Academy: USS MONTREAL}} [[Image:RosekFirstOfficer.png|thumb|150px|left|Lael aboard the {{USS|Montreal}} (2395).]]    '''Section Under Construction'''     '''Supplemental Data File: [[Lael_Rosek/USS_Montreal_Service_Jacket|Montreal Service Jacket]]'''.<br><br><br>'''FULL DETAILS:''' {{s|Lael Rosek|Career HistoryBiography}}
'''SUPPLEMENTAL DATA FILE:''' {{s|Lael Rosek|Medical Record}}
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