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Carmen Tis

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|COLOR = Teal
|SPECIES = Betazoid/Trill
|GENDER = Female
|BIRTHPLACE = Ledonia III|IMAGE = Carmen_TisTis sickbay.jpgpng
|AUTHOR = G239601CT0
|EXTRA ={{Achievements Rack|SHIP=Gorkon|Under warranty|Family Matters|Chatterbox}}
<div style="margin:22; background:linear-gradient(-90deg, #008080, #073333, #073333, #008080); font-size:100%; border-radius: 22px; border:22px; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.1em 0.22em;> '''Ensign Carmen “Look for the things you cannot see, if you do not look, you cannot find." by Renann Tis''' is currently serving as a '''Medical Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Gorkon}}.</div>
* '''Weight''': 10.85st
*'''Handedness:''' Right
*'''Quarter deck:''' 4
* '''Build''': Well shaped, curvy and un-toned
* '''Telepathic status''': [[T/E Rating System|T3/E4]]
* '''Sexuality''': Bi-Sexual (Though slightly more drawn toward the more masculine of a species.)
* '''Hair''': Dark brown/blackwith a silvery streak at the nape
* '''Eyes''': Black
* '''Distinguishing features:''' Feint tattooing head to toe, rather like large freckles. Cold hands. Silver hairstreak at her nape.
* '''Abilities:''' Weak/not fully developed as in purebreds, so there is no strong telepathy, but more of an immune system response of a tattoo "itch/tingling" with no large amount of detailing. (Like when human's have a gut feeling). She has to be fairly close to get a tiny amount of detailing, but when it comes to voices, if it's a singled out voice, she can depict elements of good/bad/truth/lie.
* '''Traits''': **Too honest for her own good.**Clumsiness
*'''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Loves to be in overly flowing dresses, as feminine as she can, preferably in bare feet otherwise in high heels. Though tends to end up in more figure hugging garments, showing her feminine features, more often than not, with supple, well cushioned footwear.
* '''Hobbies''':
**Playing the Elanin Singer Stones
**Basic Hydroponics
**Practicing the Hrisal & the Jem'Hadar Shock blade combat techniques.
**Traditional cooking of non-national dishes...then eating them.
**Cold showers.
**Walking over cool sands.
**Candlelight.* '''Dislikes''': **Ferengi, due to her past. (often calls herself one after being clumsy. Though she'd still help one if in medical trouble.)
**Any animals that go past her knees in size.
**Bright, electric lights.
* '''Traits''':
**Overly apologetic.
**Smiles too much at times.**Too honest for her own good.* '''Places likely to be when not on shift''':** Her quarters on deck 4** Holosuite
===<font color=Black>Family</font>===
{| style="width:100%" cellpadding="1"
! colspan="4" |
! style="background:Teal; width:150px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Name'''</font>
! style="background:Teal; width:100px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Relationship'''</font>
! style="background:Teal; width:350px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Description'''</font>
![[File:FatherTis.png|175px]]<br>Renann Tis
| Father <br>
|Carmen Tis’ Father
![[File:Jadara Tis.jpeg|100px]]<br>Jadara Tis
| Mother <br>
|Carmen Tis’ Mother
* '''Parents:''' Trill Mother, Betazoid Father - Jadara & Renann Tis.
* '''Siblings:''' N/A
* '''Spouse:''' Looking
* '''Children:''' Wanted
* '''Counsellor:''' Looking[[Corliss Fortune ]]* '''Comm's friend:''' Waiting for a match[[Chythar Skyfire]]
Born on Ledonia III, within the Thirteenth House of Betazed: House of Peace and Protection.
After going back again to her academy training, she found herself to be one of the few older students, but has now made it as far as her 1st ship posting and is fighting to now keep her own dream, as well as her father's.
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|About CarmenIn-Depth|Teal100|COLOR=teal}}</h3>
Due to her natural honesty, which can occasionally be as blunt as the Borg, Carmen can struggle to form friendships. Not through lack of trying though.
Due to her past home life and the empath abilities she ''does'' have, she is in need of the occasional counselling session.
Carmen also know's how to fix a med bed if she needs to...for the most part and with the right tools.
Although Carmen Tis has had little exposure to Earth culture, she attended Starfleet Academy between the years of 2377 to 2396, as well as the University on Betazed, earning a degree in surgical medicine.
The Betazoid race has telepathic abilities. Due to her half-trill heritage, Tis has only partial telepathic abilities and as a result is more of an empath, when within close proximity to other 2-lobed beings.
She believes in the Betazed way of relationships, as less people are hurt that way. So an open-relationship is more for her.
That being said, she has never had time to find herself close enough to someone to form that type of bond. She also is a believer in "waiting".
Carmen Tis comes from the [[Thirteenth House of Betazed]]. This is not something she flaunts, due to wanting to make sure if she earns anything, it is off of her own merit alone. Plus, she doesn't like the fuss, though her father calls her his Haxun, which is a small furry animal, kept as a pet by the God's, keeping it in her mind, of where she comes from.
When outside of her quarters, Carmen will almost always have her hair up, somehow or another (always with different styles, so as not to get bored) to show her Trill markings. Though they are feint, she wants to hide nothing from those around her. A partial defence mechanism.
At home, her family would only use telepathy to communicate. Except through exaggerated emotions, then the spoken word would come about.
Because of this, Carmen is far more comfortable speaking telepathically, than verbally out speaking.
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Mission history|175|COLOR=teal}}</h3>
{{Heading| 2396 [[USS Njörðr]]|Teal}}
Carmen had not yet stepped aboard the [[USS Gorkon]], instead was greeted by Lieutenant Commander [[Jocelyn Marshall]], to be escorted to New Horizons conference, by [[USS Njörðr]] and her crew.
After Commander Marshall had escorted Carmen Tis to the sickbay, to meet her Chief Medical Officer [[Genkos Adea]]. No sooner had she been introduced, than Carmen could recall an almighty jolt, before blacking out.
Waking, to realise she was pinned down by her right leg and a large burning sensation across her shoulder blades.
Commander Marshall wasn't far away and came with the help of Doctor Adea, to help Carmen up, finding out she had possibly contracted [[Rushton's Disease]], which Carmen had no recollection of ever hearing of before.
The ship was belly up. Slowly they made their way through the ship, avoiding obstacles and the deceased, through corridors and Jeffries tubes, heading to a safety point, indicated on screens sent by their Captain, Rear Admiral [[Quinn Reynolds]].
Along the way, Carmen had lost her hearing, possibly due to a blow on the head from the ship flip, and didn't see things that her other team mates were. Ie dogs and gas and tricorder readings.
Along the trio's travels, they acquired a new team member, science officer [[Joan Basilone]], who had a few minor burns and scratches, plus a puppy, rescued from a blaze by Commander Marshall.
They headed into a local laboratory and were able to scavenge some supplies, as well as getting a Decontamination Unit working, with the help of Ensign Basilone and all stepped in one-by-one, before large parasites rained down from the ceiling, prepared to attack.
The team ran to the corridors, Basilone threw a homemade gas-bomb at the parasitic gas that was quickly headed toward them, at which point the onboard computers had decided to alert them that the ship was about to right itself.
It did.
Carmen could hear again, Basilone was bruised, along with Marshall but Adea got the Brunt of the ship re-flipping, by gaining several fractures across his body.
Parasites gone, they collected themselves and they started again, down the corridor, where they were beamed, unbeknownst to them, aboard the Rescue ship, [[USS Yarahla]].
Safe at last, to collect their thoughts, bodies and each other.
Carmen Tis had suffered from a fractured tibia, second degree burns across her shoulder blades, a slight fracture to her left Stapes and Ossicular chain discontinuity in her right ear.
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Medical history|175|COLOR=teal}}</h3>
*[[USS Yarahla]] - Fractured tibia, second degree burns across shoulder blades, a slight fracture to her left Stapes and Ossicular chain discontinuity in her right ear.
*[[USS Gorkon]] - Sinus blockage.
Image:Carmen Tis Gorkon ID.gif| Tis, Carmen. Identification card of the ''USS Gorkon''
{{Heading|Service History|Teal}}
{{Heading|Awards & Service Ribbons|GoldTeal}}
{{Ribbons Display}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|239602.19|Starfleet Academy|Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.}}
{{Citation|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|239604.27|Uss Gorkon|Awarded to a person who has saved the life of another member of Starfleet.}}
{{Citation|Purple Heart|239604.27|Uss Gorkon|Awarded to anyone who sustains injury in the line of duty.}}
{{Citation|Explorer's Ribbon|239604.27|Uss Gorkon|Awarded to a person who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.}}
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{{Heading|SIM Archive|Teal}}
* [ That was some bump!] - (239602.20 brief description Carmen wakes up from unconsciousness, to find herself laying on the ceiling of what happensthe ship, surrounded by debris. )* [ Well tried Lieutenant, well tried.] - (239602.21 brief description of what happensCommander Marshall and Genkos Adea, attempt to free Carmen, and distract her away from her pains.)* [!searchin/sb118-gorkon/first$20impressions%7Csort:date/sb118-gorkon/v7ughYKN3p8/wOh7vLPZAwAJ First Impressions] The first time Carmen Tis gives an official medical check-up, in her new position aboard the USS Gorkon.* [!msg/sb118-gorkon/0jL3x5veiOY/HcagrJQEBgAJ What's wrong with the decor?] - Carmen's first Counselling session aboard the USS Gorkon.* [!topicsearchin/sb118-gorkon/authorname$3ALadybirD/sb118-gorkon/SPdBtrpUv8A Check me out!] - Carmen Tis has her first medical check up, by her boss.* [!topicsearchin/sb118-gorkon/authorname$3ALadybirD/sb118-gorkon/_JPihNJ51ro Strike a chord.] - Carmen's first time in the USS Gorkon's bar.* [!searchin/sb118-gorkon/first$20impressions%7Csort:date/sb118-gorkon/zcDp4ed-BeE/aSEJyfE-BwAJ First impressions] - Carmen plucks up the courage to seek out her captain for the first time.

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