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Jansen Orrey

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=Ambitions and Goals=
Is looking forward to one day following in his father's footsteps as a captain, but for now enjoys taking care of people as a doctor and advancing his knowledge as a scientist.
==Counselor's Office==
His office is divided into four “sections” for the different likes of his patients. There was the area with the multitude of different sized pillows on the floor, a matched pair of high backed chairs with a small table between them, the other side of the room held an area with the “traditional” setup with a chair for him and a couch for the patient, the final area was where his desk and workstation sat with the replicator.
{{Citation|Medical Science Ribbon|DATE OF RIBBON|SHIP|CITATION EXCERPT}}
{{Citation|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|239301.18|Gorkon|Saving the life of another member of Starfleet}}
{{Citation|Explorer's Ribbon |239603.06|{{USS|Veritas}}|For discovery of the moon Limbo}}
{{Citation|Extended Service Ribbon |239603.06|{{USS|Veritas}}|For being stranded on the moon Limbo for a period of six months outside of normal time.|2}}
{{Citation|Peacekeeper Service Ribbon|239603.06|{{USS|Veritas}}|Peacefully resolving the interaction with the Tholians during the Flashpoint mission.}}
{{Citation|Tholian Campaign Ribbon|239603.06|{{USS|Veritas}}|Interacting with the Tholian Assembly.}}
{{Citation|Captain's Commendation|239603.06|{{USS|Veritas}}|Seeing to the needs of the crew while stranded on Limbo.}}
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