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Geoffrey Teller

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{{Citation|Diplomacy Ribbon|239510.26|USS Veritas|"For helping resolve a tense situation through dialoguebetween a native species and colonists on Havleys Hope."}}{{Citation|Explorer's Ribbon|239510.26|USS Veritas|"For participation in the meeting of a new species, the tunneling miners of Havleys Hope."}}{{Citation|Innovation Ribbon|239510.26|USS Veritas|"For unconventional thinking and superior resultsatypical modification of a transporter system to assist in the evacuation of a stranded away team on Havleys Hope."}}
{{Citation|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|239603.06|USS Veritas|"For saving the life of Lt. Cmdr Sky Blake on the planet Limbo"}}
{{Citation|Innovation Ribbon|239603.06|USS Veritas|"For developing a plan to escape temporal confinement"}}
{{Citation|Peacekeeper Service Ribbon|239510.26|USS Veritas|"For assistance in maintaining peaceful relations with sentient creatures on the Havleys Hope Colony.'}}
{{Citation|Extended Service Ribbon|239603.06|USS Veritas|"For atypical and arduous time served while on the planet Limbo"}}
{{Citation|Peacekeeper Service Ribbon|239603.06|USS Veritas|"For actions related to which prevented the scuttling escalation of armed conflict with the USS ArtemisTholian Assembly"}}
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