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*[[Template:ILI format]]
*3 letter vessel abbreviations (as episodes listed on the ILI)
==Commonly asked questions==
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====What do your edits marked ''NC'' mean?====
This is short hand for "naming convention". If you see '''NC''' as noted reason for a page move, it's likely that I've moved a page that doesn't conform to our [[Naming pages properly|standard naming practices]] - often this is because it's using the old [Surname, Given name] format, other times it's simply because a page name is either misleading, too long, or players looking for it wouldn't find it very easily.
Note, if you untick the "Leave a redirect behind" box, there may be redlinks on other pages if you're a returning player.
====Who are your favourite characters in the Star Trek franchise?====
#'''Trip Tucker (''Enterprise'')''' - what's not to love? The last scene of the series finale ''Terra Prime'' really got to me.
##With T'Pol
##With Archer
#'''Tom Paris (''Voyager'')''' - best pilot in the Delta quadrant.
##With Kim
##With Torres
#'''Julian Bashir (''Deep Space Nine'')''' - what a whimsical kind of bloke.
##With O'Brien
##With Garak
#'''Will Riker (''The Next Generation'')''' - respectable 24th century ladies man TAKE NOTES, PEOPLE.
#'''Paul Stamets w/ Hugh Culber (''Discovery'')''' - it was going so well until the writers went for shock value.
#Early '''Ash Tyler (''Discovery'')''' - Magic to make the sanest man go mad. And then he was ruined. :'(
#Season 6 appearances & onward '''Deanna Troi (''The Next Generation'')'''
#'''Q & Q (junior) (''Voyager'')'''
====Who are your ''least'' favourite characters in the Star Trek franchise?====
#All the mirror universe characters on television. Just . . . all of them.
##Gabriel Lorca (''Discovery'') - especially so.
#Ellen Landry (''Discovery'') - ''all that wasted potential''. First female CoS since Tasha Yar and they ''blew it''.
#Kes (''Voyager'')
#Seska (''Voyager'')
====Doctor Who?====
Doctor Who.
*After much consideration, I've decided that the Matt Smith is my Doctor. He beat out Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant by not a lot.
**Ironically, 11 made it into the Star Trek comics.
*'''Favourite companions:''' The Ponds, Captain Jack Harkness
*'''Favourite episode:''' The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
**'''Favourite quote:
:::'''''Jack:''' Who has a sonic screwdriver?''
:::'''''The Doctor:''' '''I''' do!
:::'''''Jack:''' Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, "Ooh, this could be a little more sonic"?''
:::'''''The Doctor:''' What, you're never been '''bored'''?''

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