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Kawakame Shin/Service History

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* The engineering crew had to figure out how to deal with malfunctioning torpedoes and work with LTJG Shin and Second Class Crewman [[Astrid Brisk]] to repair the rear torpedo launcher. The rear launcher had been badly damaged and replacement parts were not available and therefore the system was rigged for manual loading and firing. During this period of attacks and repairs, Second Class Crewman [[Miskre Swenhart]] was severely injured by a falling torpedo and was saved by Lieutenant [[Anjar Thoran]].
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* While searching for the [[USS Artemis]], the crew received new orders from Captain [[Roshanara Rahman]] to go retrieve stolen secret equipment from a band of pirates. The Montreal crew came up with a plan to draw the pirates attention away from the ship by using holographic ships to distract them as an away team transported to the decaying planet the pirates had made base on.
* The away teams received support from Lieutenant JR Kawakame Shin and Ensign Lieu Dante after their engagement with hostile pirates. Shin fired the ship's phaser's from orbit and intercepted a large team of pirates attempting to engage one of the away teams. Dante was able to successfully transport Muvyn Padix to sickbay for treatment.
* The Away teams were eventually able to arrest the Klingon pirate Warvan and complete their mission.

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