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Kawakame Shin/Service History

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{|style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto; border-radius: 0px;" border='0' cellspacing='0' align="center
! colspan="100%" style="background:Gold#b8860b; border-radius: 30px 30px 0px 0px; width:100px; color:white; height:60px;" |<font size="4"> '''Lieutenant JG Kawakame Shin'''
! style="background:black; width:250px;"|[[File:Tkatt dugoras.jpg|150px]] <br><div style="text-align:center">[[File:02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg|100px]]</div>{{Ribbons Rack|MAX=2|LABEL=off
[[User:CoryCodeRed|<font color="white"><font size="2">ABOUT THE WRITER</font>]] </font>
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[[Kawakame Shin/History|<font color="white"><font size="1">HISTORY</font>]]<font color="white">''' · '''</font>
[[Kawakame Shin/Relationships|<font color="white"><font size="1">RELATIONSHIPS</font>]]<font color="white">''' · '''</font>
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|SERVICE JACKET: USS Wyoming|350|COLOR=Gold#b8860b}}</h3>
*'''Rank''': Ensign
*'''Duty Post''': Security
*'''Stardates''': 239201.13 - 239510.30
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|SERVICE JACKET: USS Montreal|350|COLOR=Gold#b8860b}}</h3>
*'''Rank''': Lieutenant JG
*'''Stardates''': 239510.31 - Present
<div class="mw-customtoggle-Hope Lost" style="cursor:pointer" >{{LCARS Page Title|[[Flashpoint_(Montreal)|Flashpoint]]|Gold#b8860b}}</div><div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-Flashpoint">
<h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Act I|150|COLOR=Gold#b8860b}}</h3>
* Shortly after transferring to the [[USS Montreal]], Shin and the crew received information about several recent [[Tholian]] attacks. These attacks led to the destruction of [[Astrofori One]] and two Federation ships. The USS Montreal and [[USS Veritas]] were ordered to search for a lost vessel, the [[USS Artemis]]. During this search, three Tholian ships cross their paths and a battle ensued. Thanks to some quick thinking by Ensign [[Esbrun Vardai]], a modified tractor beam was used against the enemy and allowed the two ships defeated their attackers.

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