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{{Heading|Player Data|Gold}}
*'''Location:''' Belgium – Europe
*'''Writer ID:''' G239508SN0
* '''About the player:''' After a hiatus of three years I decided to try simming again and stumbled across Starbase 118. Normally I read some of the stories of the ships I join, to get a feel for the writers and the ship. But seeing SB118 uses a different method, it was gonna be a surprise where I'd end up. I noticed my English is a bit rusty but while writing and reading simms, I'm working on that again. :p
{{Heading|Player Characters|Gold}}
*[[Megan "Bendyn|Megan 'Meg" ' Bendyn]] - A Betazoid, female Operations Officer.
*[[USS Gorkon]]
[ Lower Decks interview with Ensign Samira Neathler]
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