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Jicheld Iza

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* [[T%27Lea]] - (Chief Science Officer at his current posting and Iza's immediate superior.)
{{Heading|(Background/Personality/Career History)|Blue}}In He majored in Security and minored in Science at the coding above, delete two of the headings so that only one remainsAcademy. His focus and interest is in Astrophysics. You can then type here After graduation he was assigned as if you were writing a Science Officer on notepad to drop in some information about your characterthe USS Thor. If you want to use bullets While not getting his desired assignment, Security, copy and paste the star abovehe was not disappointed. You can also look on the forums He took it as a another challenge and the wiki for tutorials on how hoped to use more adventurous codingmeet that challenge. Want to include sections for Background, Personality AND Career History? Just copy the code for the title bar above, then paste it in type in the title you want - you can add extra sections in too!
{{Heading|Service History|Blue}}

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