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New ensign + PC switch
|{{Tile Officer|Arturo Maxwell|Gold|CTO}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kalara Avran|Gold|Asst. CEO}}
|{{Tile Officer|Evelyn Rós‎|Blue|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Je'Valak|Blue|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Sevek|Blue|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Nijil|Teal|CMO}}
|{{Tile Officer|Reema Poq|Teal|Medical Officer}}
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Bastil Goven|Gold|Engineer}} LOA-->
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Vitor Silveira|Gold|Operations Chief}} LOA-->
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Jillron Laxar|Blue|Science Officer}} LOA-->
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Trel'lis|Purple|CDO}} - LOA-->
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Brann Off|Teal|Medical Officer}} LOA-->

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