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Ash MacKenna

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Moving Up
==='''Moving Up'''===
Having overcome most of her paralyzing shyness, and once again working under the command of [[Jaxx, Andrus|Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx]], Ash took the assignment of Chief Science Officer on the [[USS Victory]].
When [[Drawoh, Rocar|Admiral Rocar]] disappeared, and then was found injured and had to be transferred to [[Earth]], Ash stepped up to help with command of the ship as [[Webb, Cyrus|Lt Commander Webb]] stepped into the first officer role. Upon returning for shore leave after a grueling mission into the [[Trinity Sector|Azure nebula]], Jaxx was promoted to commanding officer of the ship [[USS Victory]] and offered Ash the permanent position of First Officer. She accepted, and began a new path in her Starfleet Career.
Shortly after assuming her new role, the [[USS Victory]] is sent back in time. When it happened, though they didn't know it, a 'Q' who would eventually make herself known, creates a rift in space time causing the Victory to emerge from the anomaly in the Earth year of 1969. Within seconds, the senior staff witnesses a collision with an ancient spaceship from the time period - Apollo 11.

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