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A bird-like creature similar to the Terran barn owl native to the Toural Mountains of Leya-I’s southern polar region.
Similar to the Terran 'barn-owl', the Al-Leyan Seiuri, or Taural Seiuri as it's known locally. It is a nocturnal avian native to the southern polar region of Leya-l. Their habitat spans across the entire Taural Mountains, and a majority of the Ritashi Valley.
While slightly smaller than the owls from Earth, they are far more powerful than their larger counterparts due to the denser atmosphere and gravity of Leya-l. But also have slightly larger wingspans comparatively.
As with the Terran varieties, Females are larger than males. They weigh 770 grams, while males weigh around 670 grams. Females also have a slightly longer body length (30 to 36 cm for females, 28 to 34 cm for males) and wingspan than males. The wingspan of Seiuri owls ranges from 110 to 114 cm. They are heavier than Earth owls, both in flight and hunting capabilities.
Their talons can easily tear through the thick, dense hides of the mountain rodents they prey upon. Their grip strength is strong enough to crush an adult human's arm, especially if grabbed while mid flight. Thicker feathers protect them from the intense cold of the polar region.
As with all owls, they have exceptional night vision and hearing, though in regards to their visual acuity Seirui are vastly superior. As with the Al-Leyan people, the conditions of their planet has caused them to have spectacular night vision. Easily able to see twice as better as an Earth owl in the dark and low-light conditions. Their eyes also have the same reflective effect when in dim/low lighting as Al-Leyans.
The most unique attribute of this species however is they are telepathic. Bonding to one another in a way that allows mated pairs and their offspring to communicate over vast distances. It also enables them to be exceedingly effective pack hunters. A parliament, the term for a group of owls, of Seiuri are able to hunt an entire nest of rodents in a single night. Though they are also seen solitary once the young are of an adult age and leave the familial territory to fend for themselves.
Despite this they have been observed coming to the aid of a family member even after years of separation in times of distress. Alerted via their telepathic link.
A peculiar addendum to their psionic ability is that it does enable them in rare cases to form a telepathic bond with those they imprint on. Including other animal species and sentient species as well. As a result, Seuri eggs are sometimes sought after by Al-Leyan's and offworlders seeking them as pets. This practice was declared illegal decades ago as it can impact on their ecosystem from all the poaching. However, there are cases of Seiuri young/eggs being rescued from the wild for one reason or another and imprinting on their caretakers.
The connection is lifelong and allows the recipient to feel strong emotions and is possible even if the sentient themselves is not telepathic. Though it won't work on someone incapable of being affected by telepathic/empathic abilities. The longer the bond lasts, the easier it becomes for a sentient to understand the animalistic instinctual impulses and interpret them. Some Al-Leyans have even notated being able to share the owl's sight in some cases. Though those are generally only noted in those who already had telepathic gifts themselves.
Despite their predatory nature Seiuri are actually quite docile and stoic creatures when not hunting. Their vocal expressions are hauntingly beautiful and can be heard for leagues sometimes on calm nights in the valleys.
===Kornaj Longfiŝoj (Horned Longfish)===
An aquatic animal that inhabits the subtropical coastal regions and is popular for its use in stews and broths.
===Dorcha Hōiho===
A horse-like creature ridden for recreation.
A felinoid creature similar in appearance to the Terran Lykoi cat (a feline with a wolf-like appearance). Its coat, however is less dense, to compensate for the higher temperatures of the tropical environment where it lives. An unusual feature of these creatures is the glands around the neck that allow it to sweat. Due to the creature’s body chemistry, the sweat it produces is deeply musky. It is the only creature on Leya-I to do do, thus the sweat of these creatures is often used in colognes and perfumes.
They have a deceptively slender form with large paws, which almost seem out of proportion with the rest of its shape. Their eyes are another distinct feature, having a canine appearance rather than the traditional slits felines have. Eye colors range from blue to green to yellow. Like most creatures on Leya-I, they’ve adapted excellent night vision to avoid nocturnal predators.
The planet’s gravity means that these creatures have denser bones and more developed musculature than Terran felines, making even a single swipe of this creature’s paws potentially deadly. Despite the risks, they make surprisingly loyal companions for Al-Leyans and it’s not unheard of for them to develop an an attachment to a particular individual. Though they have no empathic abilities, they are able to discern how a humanoid is feeling through even the subtlest shifts in facial expression, vocalizations and body language.

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