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Native Flora
===Native Flora===
The plants get their energy during dusk and dawn and use some of the energy to open the leaves when the sun is a bit less overpowering. Al-Leyans would gather fruits, nuts, flowers and leaves etc for food during the night, as well as hunt the other nocturnal wildlife. In the morning the plants leaves would slowly begin to curl back up again as they prepare for the midday blast of heat.
Most of the food that does grow is bland and doesn’t taste of much. Because light is limited, the plants don’t expend so much energy on developing taste/flavour or smell. So the Al-Leyans never developed a strong sense of taste or smell.
Al-Leyans will find most of their enjoyment of food centers around its texture and the aesthetics of it. Another way Al-Leyans make their food more palatable is with sugar and spices. Due to their weak taste buds, they require extremes of these flavors to the point that most species would find Al-Leyan cuisine unappealing or inedible.
A flower with long, vibrant green and red petals and spire-like stems.
A spiral shaped flower of green and gold that opens once a month in the presence of the full moon, releasing its glittering golden spores into the air. Different from most plants, this flower thrives on moonlight rather than sunlight. The spores of this plant are often used to make a wine-like drink that serves as an aphrodisiac and increases the drinker’s chance of conceiving a child. Though this is most often used for females, it has been known to increase male virility as well.

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