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Native Flora
When the race was just young they would shelter in caves and in other cool spots in the forest. The trees have adapted to the planet's hot sun with tough bark and leaves and flowers that curl up during the hottest part of the day to prevent them from becoming dry and burning.
===Native FloraFauna===
:A bird-like creature similar to the Terran barn owl native to the Toural Mountains of Leya-I’s southern polar region.
Similar to the Terran 'barn-owl', the Al-Leyan Seiuri, or Taural Seiuri as it's known locally. It is a nocturnal avian native to the southern polar region of Leya-l. Their habitat spans across the entire Taural Mountains, and a majority of the Ritashi Valley.
<B>Kornaj Longfiŝoj (Horned Longfish)</b>
:An aquatic animal that inhabits the subtropical coastal regions and is popular for its use in stews and broths.
<B>Dorcha Hōiho</b>
:A horse-like creature ridden for recreation.
:A felinoid creature similar in appearance to the Terran Lykoi cat (a feline with a wolf-like appearance). Its coat, however is less dense, to compensate for the higher temperatures of the tropical environment where it lives. An unusual feature of these creatures is the glands around the neck that allow it to sweat. Due to the creature’s body chemistry, the sweat it produces is deeply musky. It is the only creature on Leya-I to do do, thus the sweat of these creatures is often used in colognes and perfumes.
They have a deceptively slender form with large paws, which almost seem out of proportion with the rest of its shape. Their eyes are another distinct feature, having a canine appearance rather than the traditional slits felines have. Eye colors range from blue to green to yellow. Like most creatures on Leya-I, they’ve adapted excellent night vision to avoid nocturnal predators.

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