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Al-Leyans have adapted to be a nocturnal race. Their vision is so much better in the dark and they have excellent hearing. They never went through a period of burning fossil fuels and look after their planet. Nature is very important to them and a strong, key theme in their religious and spiritual beliefs.
==Geography and Climate==
Their home planet has tropical and subtropical climes. Their planet is very hot and bright during the day. Due to this they would retire to their homes during the hottest and brightest part of the day to take their rest. Their homes would be designed to help keep them cool.
When the race was just young they would shelter in caves and in other cool spots in the forest. The trees have adapted to the planet's hot sun with tough bark and leaves and flowers that curl up during the hottest part of the day to prevent them from becoming dry and burning.
===Native Flora=== ===Native Fauna=== ==Commerce and Economy===
The Al-Leyan monetary system can be confusing to off-worlders as it operates on a nonary system.
The Al-Leyans operate under a world unitary government. While many of the different nation states on Leya-I have their own councils which may govern local policies, each of these nations subscribes to the global government through the attendance of representatives from each region. The united world government was instated in 1988.
==Home System==
* '''Quadrant''':
* '''Location''':
* '''Proper Name''':
* '''Star''':
* '''Distance from Star''':
* '''Companions''':
* '''Moons''':
==Home World==
* '''Proper Name''':
* '''Diameter''':
* '''Gravity''':
* '''Axial Tilt''':
* '''Orbital Period''':
* '''Rotational Period''':
* '''Classification''':
* '''Surface Water''':
* '''Atmosphere''':
* '''Climate''':
* '''Terrain''':
* '''Population''':
==Starfleet Intelligence Files==

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