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Arturo Maxwell

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|NO LINK=Logaan Rostov
|BLURB= Security Officer
Ensign Rostov was a new security officer assigned to Starbase 118 on stardate 239311.21. He was met and befriended by Maxwell not long after, and Rostov was frequently used in a liaison role with the Tactical Department. He last worked alongside Maxwell during the emergency evacuation of the Starbase due to unusual weather patterns in the Jenatris Cloud in 2394.
Ensign Rostov was last seen during the stations capture by the pirate queen Chennel and is believed to have been taken prisoner by the Orion Syndicate. As no body was found on the Starbase, and Ensign Rostov was not amongst the people later rescued from an Orion slave mine on Dominicus IV, he is still listed as MIA.
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