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Arturo Maxwell

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Abrielle is Maxwell's mother, the Italian Matriarch of the family. She is a Civilian Administration Clerk at a Starfleet Storage Yard near the family home. Abrielle is always on the lookout for a "nice girl" for her two boys, whilst always keeping at least one eye on the intentions of any potential suitors for her daughter, Rosetta.
Abrielle insists upon talking to her children in Italian, in order that they keep speaking it, and she also communicates at home with her husband in Italianthe same way. One of their little quirks is the playful argument from William that he wishes she wouldn't speak Italian all the time as he can hardly understand a word she says. The reality is that her husband - without needing to - learned Italian in secret whilst they were still courting, so that when the time came he could ask for her parents consent to marry her in the language they both always spoke.
As the eldest son, Arturo bears the brunt of Abrielle's well-intentioned matchmaking - much to Henry's delight and amusement.

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