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Arturo Maxwell

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* '''Personal Achievements''': Making it through the Academy.
* '''Languages Spoken''': Terran (Native, English), Terran (Native, Italian), Romulan (Intermediate level).
* '''Likes''': Redheads. Polmeek Plomeek Soup (Maybe?). The colour blue. * '''Dislikes''': Ferengii (Don't ask!). Polmeek Plomeek Soup (Maybe?).
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*'''Father''': William Maxwell
Lieutenant-Commander, Starfleet.
NCC 34496 - USS Reiver (Ambassador-class Explorer); Chief Science Officer.
Retired; 237004.21.
*'''Siblings''': 1 older Sister; Rosetta. 1 younger Brother; Henry.
|NO LINK=William Maxwell
|BLURB= Maxwell's "Auld Da" (pictured sometime around 2368)
William is Maxwell's father, and a former Lieutenant-Commanderwho retired on stardate 237004.21
He was the CSO aboard the Ambassador-class ''USS Reiver'' (NCC 34496), retiring not long before his eldest son was born and after a shuttle crash on Earth. William emerged unscathed, but the Reivers First Officer - William's brother-in-law - died on impact. When their first child was born - and at William's suggestion - they named the boy Arturo after his uncle.
As a result of the accident, William is very quiet about his Starfleet service and very rarely wears his ribbons at formal occasions. His sons found his award case one afternoon however, and saw at least a dozen different Starfleet awards as well as “a couple” of Klingon medals, and one of Bajoran origin.
Life had different plans however, with Arturo failing to get into the Marines and then finding himself on the path to becoming a Tactical Officer upon his second attempt at the Academy. Henry also failed his first attempt at joining the Marines, and left it at that. Instead he focused on his day job as a delivery driver and his weekends playing rugby for the local amateur-level team, the Jedburgh Hammers where he became a bit of a hero amongst local fans. Henry visited his brother a few times on Starbase 118 and found that he quite liked the place, moving there permanently in 239511 at the same time as his niece, Milly.
Still looking for a regular job, in the meantime Henry has discovered the stations own three-tier rugby competition and has managed to get himself into the reserve team for the Golden Gate Dockers, a Gamma League team based in the San Francisco District.
|NO LINK=Rosetta Maxwell
|PICTURE=Rosetta Maxwell.jpg
|BLURB= Maxwell's elder sister. DOB:236707.01
Rosetta Maxwell is Milly's "second bestest lady in the universe", right after her GranMama. She is also quite close to her brother, Henry, loves her mother dearly and would do anything for her father. Rosetta does not get along with her other brother however, and the two are quite open about their dislike for one another. Arturo's claiming of some Irish girl from next door as his "sister" is perfectly fine with Rosetta, as it means she doesn't have to bother being one. Except of course at family gatherings when she has no option, and will exchange a curt greeting with Arturo before ignoring him for the rest of the evening.

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