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Starbase 118 Security Department

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Unlike the security division on a ship, Security on Starbase 118 is a gendarmerie style police force, meaning it has more in common with a civilian law enforcement agency than a standard military police unit. The division is made up of seven departments and several specialized units to properly serve the Starfleet and civilian population on the base.
Each department has an Assistant Chief of Security at its head who in turn answers to the Chief of Security. Within each department the structure of their command varies based upon the department’s individual setup and member base. All security officers and enlisted are capable of fulfilling a basic ship security role and any member of any department can be pulled to provide aid and backup to another department if deemed necessary.
<h3>{{SubHeadingLCARS-bar-left|Patrol and Security|Gold275|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
Security officers and enlisted within this department are the equivalent of a uniformed police officer in a civilian law enforcement agency. They are considered the ‘face’ of the Division and the people the general public and other members of Starfleet are most likely to interact with. They are usually the first ones on the scene and usually handle the preliminary police work for all incidents and crimes on the base. All brand new ensigns and recruits start out as members of this unit.
<h3>{{SubHeadingLCARS-bar-left|Corrections and Parole|Gold275|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
Officers and enlisted that have charge over those who are in the brig. Since Starbase 118 does not have a permanent prison, all prisoners are temporary and are either being housed awaiting trial, having been convicted and awaiting transport to the location where they will serve out their sentence, or for their own and the public’s protection (aka the drunk tank). This department also oversees those who have been paroled and are working and/or living on the station. They also oversee transport of prisoners to and from the base and have oversight of parolees that are traveling through Starbase 118 space. Given the small and temporary population of prisoners, this is the smallest department of the six and its members are regularly pulled as backup for other departments based on need and the current prisoner population.
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|Criminal Investigations|Gold275|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
The second largest department within Security, members of this department are the equivalent of detectives in a civilian police force and is considered the next rank up as far a specialization goes for the division. More serious crimes are handed off to the Criminal Investigations Department for further investigation and handling.
*Other crimes that require a great deal of investigation work
Given Starbase 118’s status as both the main post on the Federation/Klingon/Romulan border and a commercial trading hub for the region a dedicated security force is needed. The Transportation Department covers all transportation both inside and outside of the base and any people or goods that travel within Starbase 118’s governing space that are not long term residents.
*Violent disagreements between travelers during their stay at the starbase.
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|Crisis Response, Special Weapons And Tactics Team and Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team|Gold275|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
The Crisis Response is the newest department within Starbase 118’s security division, created in response to several base side crises. A return to national and military crisis response teams of yore, Crisis’ mission is to not only respond to a crisis in progress but to aid in the aftermath and attempt to prevent them from occurring in the first place. While they are specifically focused on Starbase 118 they can be called in to assist or consult in any areas within Starbase 118’s jurisdiction.
The base’s EOD squad is also a specialized sub unit under the Crisis Response banner trained to handle and disable explosives. Due to the specialized nature of explosives in this time, the bomb squad has people on call in Engineering, Science and the Marines to aid them with whatever might be needed to disable the bomb safely.
The lifeblood of the division, Administration are the personnel that ensure that everything is running smoothly within Security. Administration is the only department that explicitly employs civilians (rather than contracting with them on special occasions like the rest of security does) and they make up a good chunk of it’s staff. The rest of the staff consists of a rotating group of security officers from other departments that have been assigned to desk work for various reasons (typically an injury or mental health break).
*Liaising between both security departments and other divisions within the Starbase.
<h3>{{SubHeadingLCARS-bar-left|Internal Affairs|Gold275|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
The smallest department within Security Internal Affairs are concerned solely with all possible law breaking and professional misconduct of the security personnel of the base. Their duty is to investigate reported issues and to provide a recommended outcome based upon the results of their investigation to the Chief of Security and the associated Assistant Chief of Security. Their recommendation is almost always followed.
While its members technically report to the Chief of Security, they are able and authorized to go higher to the Second Officer, First Officer, Commanding Officer or the upper echelons of Starfleet Command itself if the circumstances of an investigation call for it.
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|Current Personnel|Gold275|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3> <br /><center>
|SHIP = Starbase 118 Security Department |FIRST=Security Officers|COLOR=Golddarkgoldenrod|{{Officer|LieutenantEnsign|Ishani KasunDrevas Matthel|Gold|Chief Security Officer|STYLE=RetroSlanted}}{{Officer|Ensign|Samuel BraddockIsaiah Andrews|Gold|Security Officer|STYLE=RetroSlanted}}{{Officer|Ensign|Thomas Rygen|Gold|Security Officer|STYLE=RetroSlanted}}
|{{Dept|Gold|Patrol and Security}}
|{{PNPC|Lieutenant|Janul|Gold|Security Officer|Janul.png|SPECIES=Klingon|SEX=Male|PC=Arturo Maxwell|USERNAME=Arturo Maxwell|STYLE=Klingon}}
|{{PNPC|Ensign|Dax (Starbase 118 Ops)|Gold|Security Officer|Dax.png|16||0.85|SPECIES=Valtese|SEX=Male|PC=Taelon|USERNAME=Taelon|STYLE=RetroSlanted}}|{{PNPC|Crewman 3rd Class|Ithri Sh'shelor|Gold|Security Officer|IthriSh'shelor.jpg|||1|SPECIES=Andorian|SEX=Female|PC=Alora DeVeau|USERNAME=Alora DeVeau|STYLE=RetroSlanted}}
|{{Dept|Gold|Corrections and Parole}}
|{{Dept|Gold|Criminal Investigations}}
|{{Dept|Gold|Internal Affairs}}
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