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Ash MacKenna

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Relationships of Interest:
'''[[Rais, Radi|Radi Rais]]''' - Mr. Rais and Ash have not known each other long, but there seems to be a distinct attraction between the two. Having been on a couple of 'dates' and spending time together throughout their first shore leave, Ash has decided to allow the relationship to progress further despite her distinct lack of experience in that area of life. In fact, her first ever romantic kiss was experienced shortly before the [[USS Victory]] was sent to help with the Romulan evacuation while on the holodeck with Radi. Following the incident where the Q transported the crew and ship back in time, Ash has not seen or heard of Radi save that he was reassigned. She keeps the bear he made her on the shelf where he left it. It would be much later, when she returned to Earth, that she would learn of his death.
'''[[Shayne, RandallRandal|Randall Shayne]]''' - Serendipity at its finest. Ash met Shayne by chance at the awards banquet following her assignment to the ATF/Columbia. He seemed to pick up on her extreme discomfort and moved to protect her from the cause despite its normality. They were true kindred souls, seemingly 'on the same page' and in tune with each other. It didn't take long for her to fall completely for him even with her normal reservations and inability to share her feelings. His transfer to another ship crushed her, but they continue to try to connect despite the distance between them.
'''[[Ezo, Mirra|Mirra Ezo]]''' - As the leader of the away team and the maker of the hypospray bomb that took her artificial hand, Mirra seems to feel at fault for Ash losing her hand. The result of that, plus their shared loss in the wake of multiple transfers off the ship, lead to a kind of connection that promises to grow into friendship.

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