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Kali Nicholotti

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Notable Relationships
'''[[Cavann, B'Sara|B'Sara Cavann]]''' - Daughter of David Cody, Kali was desperate to make a good first impression on the other part of the 'package' that David had spoken of in the Recovery room the night they spent there together. [[Nicholotti Family Matters|Things didn't quite go as planned]], but eventually Kali found some kind of footing and began to build towards a potentially complete family. With the second disappearance of her father, who had officially adopted her, B'Sara has disappeared from 118 as well. Her current location is unknown.
'''[[Jones, Vincent|Vincent Jones]]''' - Vincent was one of the original members of the Bravo Fireteam, the small team of Marines Kali was placed in command of during her first assignment. While they have served together for a long time, they often get reassigned to different places, especially following Kali's death in the Scar. Somehow he always finds his way back to her, now serving as the NCO leader of her personal ambassadorial security team. He's always had feelings for Kali, but Kali's stance on dating Marines has always prevented him from getting any closer. Still, she considers him her closest friend confidant.
=='''Career History'''==

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