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Jhyrazhao sh'Kavhilji

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|BIRTHPLACE= Andoria}}
'''Height''': 180cm (5’11”)
<br>'''Hair Colour''': White
<br>'''Hair Length''': Long, often worn in a braid
<br>'''Eyes''': Blue
<br>'''Skin tone''': Blue
<br>'''Handedness''': Left
<br>'''Voice''': Soft, calm, reassuring. Thinks carefully before speaking.
<br>'''Hobbies''': Learning Languages
<br>'''Languages Spoken''': - Fluent: Andorian, English, Romulan, Klingon
<br> - Conversational: Cardassian, Vulcan
<br> - Basic: Trill, Bajoran, Dominion Standard, Bolian, Ferengi

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