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Daniel Cain

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* '''Build''': Lean, Toned, Subtly Muscular
* '''Handedness''': Right
 {{header|darkgoldenrod|FamilyRelationships}} ===Family=== 
* '''Parents''':
**'''Mother''': Natasha Cain
* '''Spouse''': None
* '''Children''': None
===Friends and Acquaintances===
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|'''{{nwhite|Davine|D'fini}}''' - ''First Friend on the Apollo-A''
[[Image:Davine D'fini.jpg|150px|left]]
Cain met Ensign D'fini on the {{USSwhite|Apollo|A}} in a Turbolift on the way to the Bridge when they were both posted there. She stumbled into the Turbolift in a rush to report to the Admiral. Despite Cain's uneasiness towards people due to his condition he felt completely normal with her, the first time since he woke up on the Embassy. Not actually getting chance to report to the Admiral because of the Change of Command Ceremony, they left shortly after it conclusion to explor the ship and ended up in the Lounge of 10-Forward.
{{header|darkgoldenrod|Personal History}}
Daniel Cain was born and raised in a small village in what was once known as the Yorkshire Dales. Mainly farming land now, and mainly work by robots of one form or another, the majority of people in this area were engineers tasked with the maintenance and repair of the machines that did the farm work. Cain has some ability in this area and started from a young age. He was tall for his age, and with the work that he did, was never out of shape. Also studying Jiu Jitsu helped. He and his sister studied from a young age with a drifter who finally settled in the village when he was 10. No belts, no medals, just a straight up way how to win a fight. Cain and his sister enjoyed this more than their engineering up bringing.

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