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Trelixxa Maeli

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Because her telepathic abilities are untrained, as all Rodulans, she often picks up background “noise” from other people’s thoughts. For the most part, Trelixxa has taught herself to ignore these sounds, much like anyone tuning out the background conversations of a room full of people. However, such activity eventually becomes painful to her, a side-effect of Rodulan telepathy, as a result, Lixx has become someone of a loner, preferring to be alone rather that be inundated by the thoughts of those around her. One night, however, several of her fellow cadets wanted to go celebrate their successful end of term exams and Lixx, not wanting to be excluded, was convinced to join them. While at the bar where they had gone to celebrate, Trelixxa happened to catch a stray thought that she was certain she wasn’t meant to hear. Realizing the originator was plotting to murder someone in the bar, she decided to take preemptive action. Despite the fact that she was nearly at the bottom of her class in hand-to-hand combat, she decided it was her only option. Before the man knew what had happened, and much to her own surprise, he was down on the ground, unconscious.
Unfortunately, while she may have saved the woman’s life that night, the potential attacker was released since he didn’t actually commit a crime. Furthermore, the local law enforcement agreed to let Trelixxa face charges at the Academy. In the end, the Academy Superintendent ruled that her use of telepathy, whether intentional or unintentional, was not justification for preemptive action, and that her taking such action violated the standard, rules, regulations, and protocols of Starfleet. Consequently, Cadet Maeli was set back one year and was not allowed to graduate with her class. Now, a year later, she has finally passed her final exams and had begin begun her service in the fleet.
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