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Deliera (I) am hereby banned from going through Recent Changes on a mobile device.
==Deliera on the wiki==
I am currently restructuring pages located in the [[Intelligent Lifeform Index]], including shifting planetary information to pages in [[Stellar Cartography]]. No information has been deleted - it's instead been shifted or reworded in some manner. If you have any questions, head to my [[User talk:Sky Blake|talk page]]. If you have content you'd like to be added to a species page, add it (please cite your sources using the [[Template:References|references template]], especially if your content is in-sim).
====Who are your favourite characters in the Star Trek franchise?====
#'''Trip Tucker (''Enterprise'')''' - what's not to love? The last scene of the series finale ''Terra Prime'' really got to me. <small>Terra Prime is the true series finale FIGHTME</small>
##With T'Pol
##With Archer

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