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My deck of cards
|{{:Core, Tristam/Card}}
|NAME=Jhalib Ekal(stranger)
|SPECIES=<font size=1>Rigelian/Brekkian</font>
|ABOUT=The stranger in the turbolift.
|TRAIT 1=Traveler
|ABOUT=An ex-Starfleet armory officer and father still leaving his mark today.
|NAME=Jhalib Ekal (traveler)
|SPECIES=<font size=1>Rigelian</font>
|ABOUT=Stranger with the Department of Temporal Affairs
|TRAIT 1=Traveler
|TRAIT 2=Well equipped
|TRAIT 3=Critical thinker
|TRAIT 4=Persuasive
|NAME=Kallo Ver
|SPECIES=<font size=1>Valtese</font>
|ABOUT=A slippery smuggler, con-artist, and seasoned criminal.
|TRAIT 1=Truthful
|TRAIT 2=Irritating
|TRAIT 3=Distracting
|TRAIT 4=Cowardly

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