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Ash MacKenna

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Being assigned to the away mission to [[Embassy of Duronis II|Duronis II]] provided Ash with the chance to build her confidence, and thanks to the poking and pushing of senior officers, namely [[Jaxx, Andrus|Lt. Commander Jaxx]] and [[Kora, Makal|Lieutenant Kora]], she is starting to gain confidence in her new Starfleet role.
==='''Losing a Hand'''===
During the last mission, as [[West, Heath|Major West]] returned with [[Turner, Toni|Commander Turner]] from being kidnapped, Ash came in contact with [[Borg]] nanites that were wreaking havoc on the Major's body. Attempting to perform scientific analysis, Ash was pricked by the Major, thus beginning her own assimilation process. In the attempt to resolve the issue quickly, [[Llewelyn, Iolo Madoc|Marine Captain Iolo Llewelyn]] chose to cut off Ash's hand to prevent the process. Due to the trauma and the need for a proper prosthetic, Ash was transferred to Starbase 185 for treatment. Though she will miss the one close friend that she had made on the [[USS Resolution|Resolution]], [[Orman, Katy|Katy Orman]], she once again ventures into the unknown.
Still excelling in anything science related, she has risen through the ranks quickly. Slowly overcoming her overly shy nature, she is learning to trust in the abilities that she has. Although she still questions herself before she speaks, her scientific advice is usually dead on even in theoretical situations. She has the budding talent of making up theories on the fly, and she is learning that sometimes you just need to speak up. Even if you aren't right, others that are working on the problem can often jump off of what you have started.
==='''Moving Up'''===
Having overcome most of her paralyzing shyness, and once again working under the command of [[Jaxx, Andrus|Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx]], Ash took the assignment of Chief Science Officer on the [[USS Victory]].
In the rush to find the information the crew needed to rebuild the spacecraft and put it back on track towards history, Ash is sent to the surface in the guise of a US Navy nurse, along with Dr. Deron and Liam Frost, in an away mission that would go horribly wrong. While waiting for a specific person to arrive so that they could retrieve said information, [[MacKenna Candyman|Ash ingests LSD]] that was given to her by a local man. She was [[MacKenna Somethings Not Right|saved from the situation by Frost and Deron]], but there was already damage done. The resulting effects put her out of commission for the remainder of the mission.
Ash goes on leave indefinitely after the events that day and she officially resigns her role as First Officer as soon as the Victory appears, because of the Q, in front of Starbase 118. Because of the longer hold the drug had on her, Ash lost contact with Radi during this time.
Confidence is something that comes and goes for Ash in the days following the Reikara attacks. She finds out that Radi is dead, but feels very little having already grieved for his loss after he left her the first time. Troubled by this, she attends a crew gathering with Katy but runs off with her friend aboard a holographic representation of her horse; an animal that seems to inject her with more confidence than she imagined she had. Meanwhile, strange impulses run through her mind, usually concerning Katy, and for once, Ash finds herself fighting them less and less.
Caught up in the mundane tasks that day to day science work on the station brings, Ash soon finds herself in a place where the days run into one another and nothing seems to keep her attention. Katy is reassigned, most of those she had known from prior assignments were reassigned, and then one day she was also reassigned. Sent back to Earth to work on a number of projects, she was required to report back to command and submit the final of what had been many reports leading to her promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Long from the days of her provisional commission, she closes the last of that chapter and is set on a path to lead the next generation of science officers by teaching a few very small classes at the Academy while working on various projects connected with her areas of expertise.
Teaching is something she decides definitely isn't for her, and as she moves to ask Command for a reassignment, she finds that she has been sent to DS26 to meet up with a crew, though she knows little else about everything. With every ounce of courage she can muster, Ash boards a shuttle to the station and to her future.
**238807.10 - Transferred to [[StarBase 118 Ops]]
**238810.10 - Reinstated as Science Officer
*239004.12 - Reassigned to Earth, Starfleet Academy/Science Command
*239508.15 - Reassigned, [[USS Blackwell]], Chief Science Officer
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