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|FirstName = AmandaSavok|LastName = Woodward|Location = Armstrong City, Luna{{USS|Blackwell}}
|UserName = Anath
|Rank = Civilian
|Style = DS9
|Job = ReporterLife sciences researcher|Group = Federation News ServiceVulcan Science Academy
|Color = Silver
|Color2 = Silver
|Color3 = Silver
|Species = HumanVulcan|Gender = FemaleMale|BirthMonth = 45|BirthDate = 132|BirthYear = 23692368|BirthPlace = New SamarkandVulcana Regar, Alpha Centauri IIIVulcan|Image = FNS AmandaWoodwardGRennSavok.jpg
'''Amanda WoodwardSavok''' is currently serving as a Human reporter for civilian life sciences researcher aboard the {{USS|Blackwell}}, one of the ships assigned to the Federation News Service[[Andaris Task Force]]. After attending He previously served at the University of Alpha Centauri and graduating Vulcan Science Academy as a researcher, with a degree specialty in media studies, she became a junior reporter for the Centauri Timesbotany. Before moving to the Federation News Service she worked on He is a variety of projects Vulcan from sports coverage to investigative reports the planet Vulcan and was born on local government. Woodward currently lives in Armstrong CityApril 2nd, Luna2368.
* '''Full Name''': Amanda Jane WoodwardSavok* '''Species''': [[HumanVulcan]]* '''Gender''': FemaleMale* '''Date of Birth''': April 13th2nd, 23692368* '''Birthplace''': New SamarkandVulcana Regar, Alpha Centauri IIIRaal province, Vulcan* '''Telepathic Status''': [[T/E Rating System|T0/E0T5]] {{LCARS-bar-heading|Appearance|90|COLOR=#696969}} * '''Height''': 186 cm (6’1’’)* '''Hair''': Brown* '''Eyes''': Gray* '''Build''': Average* '''Birthmarks/Scars''': None* '''Handedness''': Right-Handed* '''Taste in Clothing (off duty)''': Traditional Vulcan wardrobe
*'''Personality Type''': ENFJ ISTJ (''Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging'') ===Manners=== * '''Mannerisms''': * '''Favorite BookRoutines''': * '''Speech Patterns''': All the President* ''s Men, 'Quarters'by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward'': * '''Favorite ColorCarriage and Posture''': Lavender ===Likes and Dislikes=== * '''Favorite FoodBook''': Pasta boudinDictates of Poetics, ''by T'Hain''* '''HobbiesFavorite Room''': Hiking, playing the violin, travelingArboretum* '''FearsFavorite Food''': The dark and snakesPlomeek soup* '''Pet Peeves''': Government corruptionInterruptions to his research
===Childhood Family Background=== {{LCARS-bar-heading|Relationships|90|COLOR=#696969}} {{Relationship|Anath G'Renn|RELATIONSHIP=Friend and EducationBetrothed|COLOR=#696969|PICTURE=AGRenn.png|BLURB=}} {{LCARS-bar-heading|Languages|90|COLOR=#696969}} {{StartColumns}}'''Fluent'''* Vulcan: Learned during his childhood.{{Column}}'''Elementary'''* Klingon: Snippets of the language taught by Anath G'Renn.{{EndColumns}} {{LCARS-bar-heading|Notable SIMs|90|COLOR=#696969}}
===Centauri Times===
{{LCARS-bar-headingCrewnav|Publications|90|COLOR=#696969Andaris Task Force}}
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