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{{LCARS-Navbar|Image = AGRenn.pngCivilian|FirstName = AnathAmanda|LastName = G'RennWoodward|Ship Location = BlackwellArmstrong City, Luna
|UserName = Anath
|Rank = LieutenantCivilian
|Style = DS9
|Post Job = Chief Medical OfficerReporter|Group = Federation News Service|Color = TealSilver|Color2 = TealSilver|Color3 = TealSilver|Species = Klingon/Vulcan hybridHuman
|Gender = Female
|Serial = JA - 703 - 968|BirthMonth = 104|BirthDate = 2813|BirthYear = 23682369|BirthPlace = T'Paal CityNew Samarkand, VulcanAlpha Centauri III|Extra Image =<center>[[Anath G'Renn/Academy Transcript|Academy Transcript]] • [[Anath G'Renn/Medical Record|Medical History]] • [[Anath G'Renn/Gallery|Image Database]]</center>FNS AmandaWoodward.jpg
Lieutenant Anath G'Renn ''Amanda Woodward''' is currently serving as a Human reporter for the chief medical officer aboard Federation News Service. After attending the {{USS|Blackwell}}University of Alpha Centauri and graduating with a degree in media studies, one of the ships assigned to she became a junior reporter for the [[Andaris Task Force]]Centauri Times. She graduated the Academy and was posted Before moving to the Olympic-class vessel Federation News Service she worked on Stardate 239402.28. She is a Klingon/Vulcan hybrid variety of projects from the planet Vulcan and was born sports coverage to investigative reports on October 28thlocal government. Woodward currently lives in Armstrong City, 2368Luna.
* '''Full Name''': Anath G'RennAmanda Jane Woodward* '''Species''': [[Klingon]]/[[VulcanHuman]] hybrid
* '''Gender''': Female
* '''Date of Birth''': October 28thApril 13th, 23682369* '''Birthplace''': T'Paal City, Raal provinceNew Samarkand, VulcanAlpha Centauri III* '''Telepathic Status''': [[T/E Rating System|T3T0/E0]]
*'''Personality Type''': ENFJ (''Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging'')
* '''Favorite Book''': A Cave Beyond LogicAll the President's Men, ''by Ti’KannCarl Bernstein and Bob Woodward''* '''Favorite Color''': YellowLavender* '''Favorite Food''': Vulcan Pok tarPasta boudin* '''FearsHobbies''': AbandonmentHiking, enclosed spacesplaying the violin, illnesses affecting family traveling* '''Fears''': The dark and friendssnakes* '''Pet Peeves''': Inefficiencies, uncooperative technologyGovernment corruption
===Family BackgroundChildhood and Education===
===Centauri Times===
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