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Saar Spurleocke

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|NAME = Saar Spurlocke
|SHIP = USS AtlantisResolution|RANK = 2nd 1st Lieutenant
|PIPSTYLE = Default
|POST = Marine Combat Pilot
2nd 1st Lieutenant '''Saar Spurlocke''', a Coverain, is currently as a Marine Combat Pilot aboard the [[USS AtlantisResolution]].
* '''Full Name''': Saar SporlockeSpurlocke* '''Current Rank''': 2nd 1st Lieutenant
* '''Race''': [[Coverian]]
* '''Date of Birth''': 23710719
In his youth he was trained by his father as a freighter pilot, to work on one of the trading vessels from his home world. His Sister was of failing health and Saar scrambled to raise funds for her treatment. Normally, federation doctors would have done it for free but because of the treatments experimental nature he was forced to pay non-federation doctors to conduct it. After a bad run in with the Coverian authority’s while making a smuggling run, he was forced to take a journey (Ten years away from Corvetta) from his home world until the statute of limitations ran out. His Sister survived thanks to his nefarious activities but never knew why he had left so abruptly. Joining Star Fleet was relatively easy with his skills as a pilot, but his application was held for brief period considering his troubles on Corvetta. After a brief investigation he was cleared for entrance and promptly began training as a Marine Combat Pilot. He once held the rank of Marine Captain but was demoted to 2nd Lt. after disobeying orders at the Battle of the Celendi Rendi Bay Nebula. In his recent years he has been bouncing form post to post since his skills as a combat pilot aren’t as needed in the federation as they once were.
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