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<big><font color="red"> '''Deliera is on holiday right now,''' </font color>but you can leave a message on her [[User talk:Sky Blake|talk page]] and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.</big>
I'm not due back until the 18th of July, so if your message is regarding wiki assistance you require and prefer and quick response, '''be sure to contact [[User talk:Aitas|Aitas]] or [[User talk:Zephyr|Zephyr]]'''. These two will be able to assist you far quicker than I can ([ thanks, Telstra]).
If it's super-duper problematic and requires some enormous expert attention, it may not be me you're looking for regardless of my availability. Contact [[User talk:Rich|Rich]]. But only if it's serious.
====ILI page restructures====
I am currently restructuring pages located in the [[Intelligent Lifeform Index]], including shifting planetary information to pages in [[Stellar Cartography]]. No information has been deleted - it's instead been shifted or reworded in some manner. If you have any questions, head to my [[User talk:Sky Blake|talk page]]. If you have content you'd like to be added to a species page, add it (please cite your sources using the [[Template:References|references template]], especially if your content is in-sim).
This needs to be changed so your page can be linked through the roster templates (and its easier for your fellow simmers to include the page in their bios).
To my knowledge, all All simmers whom have a user account on our wiki can move their pages - this can be done by clicking the '''move''' tab next to ''history'' (for power users/administrators, this is next to the ''delete'' button - ''please don't accidentally delete pages''). Enter your characters name in the correct format, be sure to tick "Move subpages" assuming you have the option, and the wiki will move your page to the correct title, leaving a redirect behind.
Note, if you untick the "Leave a redirect behind" box, there may be redlinks on other pages if you're a returning player.
##With Archer
#'''Tom Paris (''Voyager'')''' - best pilot in the Delta quadrant.
##With Kim
##With Torres
#'''Julian Bashir (''Deep Space Nine'')''' - what a whimsical kind of bloke.
=====Favourite episodes/films?=====
*ENT**Dawn**Damage*DSC**Magic to make the sanest man go mad (''Discovery'')*The Void (''Voyager'')TNG**Darmok**Family**Disaster*DS9**Way of the Warrior (''Deep Space Nine)*Darmok (''VOY**Message in a bottle**Shattered**The Next Generation'') and Dawn (''Enterprise'')Void**Q2 (''Voyager'')*Family (''The Next Generation'')FILMS*Damage (''Enterprise'')*Insurrection**Beyond
=====Who are your ''least'' favourite characters in the Star Trek franchise?=====

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