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Personality section
|Image = AGRenn.png|FirstName = AnathCheylla|LastName = G'RennThonn|Ship = BlackwellConstitution-B
|UserName = Anath
|Rank = LieutenantEnsign
|Style = DS9
|Post = Chief Medical OfficerCounselor
|Color = Teal
|Color2 = Teal
|Color3 = Teal
|Species = Klingon/Vulcan hybridBolian
|Gender = Female
|Serial = JA - 703 - 968|BirthMonth = 1005|BirthDate = 2806|BirthYear = 23682377|BirthPlace = T'Paal CityArinol, Vulcan|Extra =<center>[[Anath G'Renn/Academy Transcript|Academy Transcript]] • [[Anath G'Renn/Medical Record|Medical History]] • [[Anath G'Renn/Gallery|Image Database]]</center>Bolarus IX{{Badge Ribbons Rack|SFMJ Author|1|Chat Trivia ParticipantStarfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|1
Lieutenant Anath G'Renn ''Ensign Cheylla Thonn''' is currently serving as the chief medical officer a counselor aboard the {{{USS|BlackwellConstitution-B}}, one of the ships assigned to the [[Andaris Task Force]], led by Rear Admiral [[Renos]]. She graduated from the Academy and was posted to the Olympic-class vessel ''Constitution'' as a counselor on Stardate 239902.27. She is a Bolian from the planet Bolarus IX and was born on Stardate 239402237705.2806__FORCETOC__
* '''Full Name''': Anath GCheylla Thonn* '''Other Names'''Renn: Chey* '''Species''': [[Klingon]]/[[VulcanBolian]] hybrid
* '''Gender''': Female
* '''Date of Birth''': October 28thMay 6th, 23682377* '''Birthplace''': T'Paal City, Raal provinceArinol, VulcanBolarus IX* '''Telepathic Status''': [[T/E Rating System|T3T0/E0]]
* '''Height''': 175 157 cm (5’9’’5’2’’)* '''Hair''': BrownDark purple (Shaved)* '''Eyes''': BrownGreen* '''Build''': Average, slightly leanHeavy
* '''Birthmarks/Scars''': None
* '''Handedness''': Right-Handed
* '''Taste in Clothing (off duty)''': VariedLots of loose, with comfortable clothing in bright colors. Cheylla also embraces a mix style from Bolarus that incorporates elements of generalized replicated clothing and fashion from the clothing of sentimental value, of both Klingon and Vulcan originsworn by maritime explorers throughout Bolian history.
'''Personality Type''': ENFJ (''Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging''Judging’’)
* '''Mannerisms''': Very early Cheylla is always mindful of what is polite in life Anath tried to keep her emotional expressions hidden entirely other cultures when interacting with others. However, Cheylla does still struggle with regular meditations and studynot approaching situations from a Bolian point of view. Currently she uses daily meditations to limit She believes in the volatility importance of her emotions but doesn't work to proactively repress any expression or feelingworking together as one. While This means she may still claim frequently provides advice and likes to be more vulcan than klingon help others when she has abandoned the outward coldness and stoicism that many people expect of vulcanscan.* '''Routines''': Every evening before bedCheylla keeps a busy schedule, Anath enjoys but whether she is a cup of Chamomile tea and reads student or a section from whatever book counselor she is in the middle of reading (always finds time permitting)to cook homemade meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each month Every morning she likes to focus on literature from a different culture during also shaves her evening reading timehead as is traditional for Bolians.* '''Speech Patterns''': While Anath is able to disguise her emotions Bright and keep them from bleeding through her voicefast-paced, she rarely goes through the effort but with every choice of trying to hide her feelings.* '''Quarters''': Anath prefers to keep her living quarters neat and tidy, keeping her wardrobe and personal belongings well-sortedwords chosen carefully.* '''Carriage and Posture''': Always walks carries herself with purpose and sits with her back perfectly straight for the most part, but will relax her posture in a casual atmosphere or when she is in an environment she finds to be relaxingdiscipline.
===Likes and Dislikes===
* '''Favorite Book''': A Cave Beyond LogicAll Together Now, ''by Ti’KannGrexx Nott''* '''Favorite Color''': YellowAquamarine* '''Favorite Food''': Vulcan Pok tarLolsara axefish curry* '''FearsHobbies''': AbandonmentScuba diving, sailing, holophotography, culinary arts, enclosed spacesfishing, illnesses affecting family and friendsballroom dancing* '''Fears''': Claustrophobia* '''Pet Peeves''': InefficienciesPeople who refuse to work with others ===Quarters and Workspaces=== * '''Quarters''': Cheylla has quarters on Deck 8 of the {{USS|Constitution-B}}. The quarters are configured to accommodate gatherings of people. Cheylla makes efficient use of the limited space available to provide lots of seating and room for entertaining guests. She also has a small kitchen area set up to help with her hobby of cooking food the "real" way rather than just pulling a completed plate out of the replicator. Family pictures can be found all over the quarters.* '''Counselor’s Office''': Cheylla's session room is in the counseling offices on Deck 9 of the {{USS|Constitution-B}}. The room is centered around a low glass coffee table surrounded by chairs, uncooperative technologybeanbags, cushions, and a sofa to provide patients with whatever choice of seating they find most comfortable. The space is easily configured for one-on-one sessions or group therapy. Cheylla decorates the walls and her desk with trinkets and aquatic plant life from her homeworld.
===Family Background===
Anath G’Renn is the middle child of Lyras and T’Shol G’Renn. Lyras is a biochemics expert for the Vulcan Biology Institute, and T’Shol is a former field medic for the Klingon Empire military. The couple first met during a biochemics symposium hosted by the Vulcan Biology Institute, and the unusual sight of a Klingon dedicated to medicine was intriguing to Lyras. The couple married several years later. The couple's first child, Anath's sister Jolash, was born three years into their marriage. Anath was born two years later and their brother Avarak four years after that. The family has a home in T'Paal City on Vulcan, where Lyras works. Placeholder
Anath attended the public schools in T'Paal City along with her siblings, and has very fond memories of her earliest years. She enjoyed listening to her father's stories about his struggle for acceptance in the Klingon military as a medic, exploring the area around her home, and playing chess.During these early years her closest friends were a human girl named Alexa Kennedy and her younger brother Avarak. December of 2380, the G'Renn family took a trip to Terra Nova and explored the once-desolate human colony world. During the fourth day of their trip, Avarak fell ill with an unknown infection and was rushed to a medical center. He died a few days later, with his siblings and parents separated from him by a containment force field. This incident left Anath especially upset, and was the initial catalyst for her considering a career in medicine. She never wanted to see anything like what befell Avarak happen again. Anath focused more and more on her academics after her brother's death, hoping to apply for and be accepted into Starfleet Academy to become a doctor and help those in need. After finishing her preliminary education, Anath applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted after passing the entrance exams.Placeholder
===Build-Up to Starfleet Academy===
Upon arrival at the Academy, Anath was relieved to learn that her roommate was Alexa Kennedy, who helped her adjust to life on Earth and introduced her to some human culture, specifically baseball. She took a strong liking to the sport and soon became a big fan of the game. However, not all of her Academy and medical school experiences were as cheerful. Her Klingon temper made some enemies, and her unique physiology made typical emotional repression techniques for Vulcans ineffective. Despite the struggle of maintaining composure, she passed her exams and was sent to Starbase 118 for her cadet cruise. She passed with flying colors and, after a farewell to her family, left for the [[Par'tha Expanse]] the next day to report to her first assignment.Placeholder
{{LCARS-bar-heading|Relationships|90|COLOR=Teal}}==Starfleet Counselor===
{{StartColumns|30%}}<div style="clear:both"></div><div class="mw-customtoggle-GRennFamily" style="cursor:pointer">[[File:GRennFamily.png|200px|link=|title=GRennFamily]]<div style="clear:both"></div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-GRennFamily"><div class="toccolours mw-collapsible-content">{{Relationship|NO LINK=T'Shol G'Renn|RELATIONSHIP=Father|PICTURE=TSholGRenn.png|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=While certainly a Vulcan behaviorally, Anath has never forgotten what she has inherited from her father and often reflects upon his old Klingon sayings and stories of being a field medic.}}{{Relationship|NO LINK=Lyras|RELATIONSHIP=Mother|PICTURE=GRennLyras.png|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=Anath's relationship with her mother is very strong, despite Anath being forced to provide enough emotional investment for them both. Anath adopted many of her mother's habits that her siblings did not, such as her early adoption of vegetarianism. Lyras can find empathizing with her emotionally turbulent daughter difficult, but she has adapted as best she can.}}{{Relationship|NO LINK=Jolash G'Renn|RELATIONSHIP=Sister|PICTURE=JolashGRenn.png|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=The relationship between Jolash and her little sister Anath has always been a complicated dynamic, with several high and low points throughout their lives. However, the two siblings have always managed to put aside whatever differences are plaguing them when one needs the other. The two remain close.}}{{Relationship|NO LINK=Avarak G'Renn|RELATIONSHIP=Brother|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=Avarak was the closer of Anath's two siblings and was her closest friend and confidant during her early life. His death on a family trip still haunts Anath and was the driving force in her decision to pursue a career in medicine.}}{{Relationship|NO LINK=Rol'Q|RELATIONSHIP=Nephew|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=Anath is very fond of her sister's only child, Rol'Q. She enjoys watching his curiosity about the world around him grow and often made a point of returning home as much to see him as to see her parents and sister, if not even more so for Rol'Q.}}</div></div>{{Column|30%}}<div style="clear:both"></div><div class="mw-customtoggle-GRennFriends" style="cursor:pointer">[[File:GRennFriends.png|200px|link=|title=GRennFriends]]<div style="clear:both"></div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-GRennFriends"><div class="toccolours mw-collapsible-content">{{Relationship|NO LINK=Alexa Kennedy|RELATIONSHIP=Best Friend|PICTURE=AlexaKennedy.png|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=The daughter of two Starfleet officers, Alexa moved to Vulcan at age five with her parents' reassignments and quickly made friends with Anath in school. They shared a room at the Academy, and Alexa was assigned elsewhere in Starfleet as an engineer but remains in regular contact with Anath.}}{{Relationship|NO LINK=Savok|RELATIONSHIP=Friend and Betrothed|PICTURE=GRennSavok.jpg|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=Savok is the child of one of Lyras’ biologist co-workers. The two would often spend time together, and he helped Anath with her studies in botany. As well as being Anath's friend, the two were betrothed as children in the Vulcan tradition. He is now a researcher on the USS Blackwell.}}{{Relationship|Thordic Sende Ulthex Ferentis|RELATIONSHIP=Friend|PICTURE=Ferentis.png|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=Anath’s first encounter with Ferentis was not what many would consider a strong foundation for a friendship. When the engineer’s attempt to help in sickbay led to a crate of equipment being misplaced, Anath used the reptilian engineer as a metaphorical punching bag to let out her pent-up frustrations. Ferentis seemed to be very understanding of her need to let off some steam and has become one of the officers that Anath is the closest to on the Blackwell.}}{{Relationship|Jarred Thoran|RELATIONSHIP=Friend|PICTURE=Jarred Thoran 5.png|COLOR=Teal|BLURB=The friendship between Anath and Jarred began during shore leave on Oscion. After helping him meditate to ease his guilt over the Blackwell's encounter with a minefield, the two seemed to form a connection. Since then she has built a friendship with the Chief of Security and he has become one of the members of the crew that she trusts the most.}}</div></div>{{EndColumns}}Placeholder
* VulcanBolian: Learned during her his childhood. The language that Anath uses by default.* Klingon:Learned during her childhood. She used to have some trouble with the ‘Q’ and ‘H’ sounds.
* Federation Standard: Learned Studied at Starfleet Academy and from Alexa Kennedy.* Trill: Learned at Starfleet Academy.
* '''G'Renn, A. [[On the Use of Altered Viral Shells to Combat Lysogenic Infections]]''': Published in the Starfleet Medical Journals (''2394, Volume 321, No. 1'')
{{LCARS-bar-heading|Starfleet Records|90|COLOR=Teal}}
! colspan="100%" style="background:#008083; width:900px; color:#fff;" |Starfleet Service History
! style="background:#000000; width:120px; color:#fff;" |Insignia
! style="background:#000000; width:200px; color:#fff;" |Rank
! style="background:#000000; width:180px; color:#fff;" |Dates
! style="background:#000000; width:150px; color:#fff;" |Posting
! style="background:#000000; width:150px; color:#fff;" |Assignment
! style="background:#000000;" |{{Pips|Cadet First Class|Teal|DS9}}
! style="background:#FFFFFF;" |Cadet First Class
! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |239402239902.27
! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |Graduated Starfleet Academy
! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |Medical OfficerCounseling Cadet
! style="background:#000000;" |{{Pips|Ensign|Teal|DS9}}
! style="background:#FFFFFF;" |Ensign
! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |239402239902.28 27 - 239407.12Present! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |[[Andaris Task Force|'''Andaris Task Force''']]: {{USS|Blackwell}}! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |Medical Officer|Constitution-! style="background:#000000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant JG|Teal|DS9}}! style="background:#FFFFFF;" |Lieutenant (Junior Grade)! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |239407.12 - 239412.06! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |[[Andaris Task Force|'''Andaris Task Force''']]: {{USS|Blackwell}}! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |Medical Officer|-! style="background:#000000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant|Teal|DS9}}! style="background:#FFFFFF;" |Lieutenant! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |239412.06 - Present! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |[[Andaris Task Force|'''Andaris Task Force''']]: {{USS|BlackwellB}}! style="background:#C0C0C0;" |Chief Medical OfficerCounselor
{{Ribbons Display|COLOR=Teal}}
{{Awards Header}}
{{Citation|Silver Palm|2394|Andaris Task Force|Awarded to a simmer who has consistently boosted the morale of his/her crew.}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|239402239603.2709|Starfleet Academy|Awarded upon graduation from Starfleet Academy.}}{{Citation|Maiden Voyage Ribbon|239405.01|USS Blackwell|Awarded for participating in the maiden voyage of the USS Blackwell.}}{{Citation|Medical Science Ribbon|239407.12|USS Blackwell|Awarded for research into curing the plague on the mining planet Debin VII.}}{{Citation|Innovation Ribbon|239505.20|USS Blackwell|Awarded for creating the sonic pulse used to drive away the Kam'Jahtae invading Arndall.}}{{Citation|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|239505.20|USS Blackwell|Awarded for saving the lives of fellow Starfleet officers on Arndall.}}{{Citation|Silver Star|239505.20|USS Blackwell|Awarded to the crew of the USS Blackwell for their gallantry while facing the Kam'Jahtae on Arndall.}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}
===Other Starfleet Records=== {{StartColumns|35%}}'''Starfleet Academy Transcripts:'''{{Column|30%}}'''Starfleet Medical Record:'''{{Column|90%}}'''Andaris Task Force Mission Logs:'''{{EndColumns}}{|width="90%"|[[File:StarfleetMedicalAcademy.png|center|150px|link=Anath G'Renn/Academy Transcript]]|[[File:Starfleet Medical.png|center|150px|link=Anath G'Renn/Medical Record]] |[[File:Andaris Task Force.png|center|150px|link=Anath G'Renn/Mission Logs]]|} {{LCARS-bar-heading|Notable SIMsSims|90|COLOR=Teal}} *'''239402.28''': Anath reports to the bridge and meets her new CO, FO and a handful of the crew for the first time. She starts to form her [!topic/sb118-andaris/RyhFKytvc7U first impressions] about the people she will be serving with on the {{USS|Blackwell}}.*'''239404.11''': Ensign G'Renn reflects on personal [!topic/sb118-andaris/H2nRFspl4aI memories] of upbringing and her childhood while sharing a lunch with Lieutenant [[E'riQ]] at the Mystic Gardens. {{Crewnav|Andaris Task Force}}
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