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What do your edits marked cate meant?
<big><font color==Commonly asked questions=={{Badge Rack|118 Wiki Admin|1|118 Wiki Gnome|1|Featured Bio Team Member|1|Fall Festival Team|1|20th Annual Awards Attendee|1|Publicity Team|1|FNS Team Member|1|Captain's Citation|1}}====What do your edits marked ''cate'' meant?====That means I've added categories to a page. ====What do your edits marked ''NC'' mean?====This is short hand for "rednaming convention"> . If you see '''NC'''as noted reason for a page move, it's likely that I'The 9th of every month ve moved a page that doesn't conform to our [[Naming pages properly|standard naming practices]] - often this is global Rich Appreciation Daybecause it's using the old [Surname, Given name] format, other times it's simply because a page name is either misleading, too long, or players looking for it wouldn't find it very easily====Can I use other people's page structure/take stuff from other people's pages?===='' <Yes you can.'' Feel free to "borrow" wiki code from whoever or whatever page on the wiki to set up a page how you like.  However, be aware that if you take code/font color></big>content from somewhere other than the SB118 wiki, attribute the content to them or try to ask them if you can use it.
===Projects=======ILI page restructuresHow do I get the same thing on all pages without having to edit all the pages?====I am currently restructuring pages located in the [[Intelligent Lifeform Index]]You can create a '''template''', including shifting planetary information to which can be displayed on all pages in [[Stellar Cartography]]. No information has been deleted - but edited only from it's instead been shifted or reworded in some mannersource. If you have any questions, head to my These can be created by making a page named ''Template:[name]''. They can be displayed by typing ''{{[User talk:Sky Blake|talk page]name]}}''. If you have content youThey'd re edited like to be added to a species any other page, add it (please cite your sources using the [[Template:References|references template]], especially if your content is in-sim).
*====I created an ID subpage for an NPC but it's not working====ID subpages require a specific template (which can be found [[Template:ILI formatCategory:ID subpages|here]]) in order to be correctly displayed on rosters - regular character bios are not automatically translated for the roster. [[User talk:Rune Jolara|Rune Jolara]]may be able to help if you require further assistance. ====My character page uses the Surname, Given-name convention.====This needs to be changed so your page can be linked through the roster templates (and its easier for your fellow simmers to include the page in their bios).  All simmers whom have a user account on our wiki can move their pages - this can be done by clicking the '''move''' tab next to ''history'' (for power users/administrators, this is next to the ''delete'' button - ''please don't accidentally delete pages''). Enter your characters name in the correct format, be sure to tick "Move subpages" assuming you have the option, and the wiki will move your page to the correct title, leaving a redirect behind.
====Template categorizing====I've started putting star system templates such as [[Template:Luxis|these]] into their own categoryNote, [[:Category:Star system templates]]. All available templates found from if you untick the "Leave a redirect behind" box, there may be redlinks on other pages in [[:Category:Systems|systems]] have been added up till the E sectionif you're a returning player.<nowiki><noinclude>[[Category:Star system templates]]</noinclude></nowiki>
===Ship achievements===
|{{VPA|The honest thief}}
|{{VPA|Fireworks and cheering?}}
|} ==Characters==<gallery>File:TristamCore3.jpg|[[Tristam Core]] File:Sky3.jpg|[[Sky Blake]]File:AngelineLoupaz.jpg|[[Angeline Loupaz]]File:KinanVenroe.jpg|[[Kinan Venroe]]</gallery> ===My deck of cards===<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="width:{{{width|100%}}}; margin-bottom:3px; margin-top:3px;"><tr><td style="background:transparent;"><div style="overflow:auto; height:700px; width:{{{width|95%}}}; -moz-border-radius-topleft:0.5em; border:0px solid #AAAAAA; padding-left:0.5em; background:transparent;">====Key players===={VPA||{{:Blake, Sky/Card}}|{{:Core, Tristam/Card}}|{{Card|NAME=Jhalib Ekal|IMAGE=ADB-JE.jpg|20|SPECIES=<font size=1>Rigelian/Brekkian</font>|ABOUT=The stranger in Back to the turbolift.|TRAIT 1=Traveler|TRAIT 2=Electrical|TRAIT 3=Critical thinker|TRAIT 4=Perceptive|INTEGRITY=6|CUNNING=8|STRENGTH=2|LIMITED EDITION=Yespast}}|-|{{Card|NAME=Brandon Cormac|IMAGE=BrandonCormac.png|20|SPECIES=HumanVPA|ABOUT=Colonial Coalition Marshal, with several years Rules of Starfleet experience under his belt.|TRAIT 1=Reliable|TRAIT 2=Stickler|TRAIT 3=Investigator|TRAIT 4=Survivalist|INTEGRITY=8|CUNNING=4|STRENGTH=7}}|{{:Kinan Venroe/Card}}|{{:Blake, Sky (hologram)/Card}}|}====Support===={||{{:Loupaz, Angeline/Cardengagement}}|{{:Akyra Venroe/Card}}IPA|{{:Ethan Venroe/CardFollow up appointment}}
|{{Card|NAME=Sabor|IMAGE=Sabor3.jpg|80|SPECIES=VulcanPA|ABOUT=An ex-Starfleet armory officer and father still leaving his mark today.Holy d'Artagnan!}}|TRAIT 1=Dedicated{{PA|TRAIT 2=SafeMining caste}}|TRAIT 3=Perseverance{{PA|TRAIT 4=AdaptiveThese things happen}}|INTEGRITY=8{{PA|CUNNING=4|STRENGTH=5Reinventing the wheel}}
|NAME=Laser cutter
|ABOUT=This trusty engineering tool will cut down dangerous, sentient plants and rescue the officers tangled within.
<br>*[[Template:ILI format]]*3 letter vessel abbreviations (as episodes listed on the ILI)**[[USS Apollo|APL]]**[[USS Victory|VIC]]**[[Embassy of Duronis II|EMB]]**[[USS Gorkon|GOR]]**[[USS Veritas|VER]]**[[USS Athena|ATH]]'''<center>2 characters may be rescued from nature's clutches</center>**[[USS Excalibur-A|EXC]]}}**[[USS Atlantis|ATL]]**[[Andaris Task Force|ATF]]</div></td><td style="width:5px;"></td></tr></table>**[[USS Mercury|MRC]]**[[USS Garuda|GRD]]**[[USS Freedom-A|FDM]]**[[Starbase 118 Ops|118]]**[[USS Drake|DRA]]**[[USS Ronin|RNN]]**[[USS Challenger|CLG]]**[[USS Challenger-A|CHA]]

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