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Kali Nicholotti

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Months after she disappeared, the naked body of Kalianna Nicholotti was found and retrieved by Erscyne Trade Alliance ships. She was brought aboard the station and cared for medically - to the best of the Trade Alliance's ability - while waiting for a representative of Starfleet to pick her up. While she waited, she was given food and drink and allowed to converse with the Prime Captain of the station, who told her what she could of the event that had presumably taken her life.
Dressed in the robes given to her by the Azekyan leader, [[Nicholotti Kalis Return|Kalianna left the Erscyne station with Lt Commander Colt Daniels]]. Though she did not remember him, he certainly remembered her. The ride they shared back to Starbase 118 was packed with conversation that helped Kali catch up on a few things, and made her realize that the process of coming back to Starfleet wasn't going to be easy. She could remember things that could be read from any textbook, and she acted on instincts that had to come from years of experience, but she didn't remember any experiences that lead her to be who she was.
With hope, Admiral Andrus Jaxx pulls rank and demands that she be debriefed aboard the Apollo A under his care. Though unsure of what they were facing, he tries to divert the shuttle she is on to the Apollo before it arrives at 118, but a short layover uncovers more people from Kali's past, including a former crewmember, Lt Commander Brek. Her time aboard the Apollo is short lived, however, as she is quickly tapped to command a mission aboard her former ship to help address the galactic issue of troubling anomalies cropping up everywhere.

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