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Service ribbons
{{Citation|Maiden Voyage Ribbon|239405.01|USS Blackwell|Awarded for participating in the maiden voyage of the USS Blackwell.}}
{{Citation|Medical Science Ribbon|239407.12|USS Blackwell|Awarded for research into curing the plague on the mining planet Debin VII.}}
{{Citation|Innovation Ribbon|239505.20|USS Blackwell|Awarded for creating the sonic pulse used to drive away the Kam'Jahtae invading Arndall.}}
{{Citation|Silver Lifesaving Ribbon|239505.20|USS Blackwell|Awarded for saving the lives of fellow Starfleet officers on Arndall.}}
{{Citation|Silver Star|239505.20|USS Blackwell|Awarded to the crew of the USS Blackwell for their gallantry while facing the Kam'Jahtae on Arndall.}}
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