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John Nugra

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|NAME = John Nugra
|SHIP = USS AthenaWellington
|RANK = Commander
|POST = Risk Assessment Chief Security Officer
|COLOR = Gold
|SPECIES = Human
|AUTHOR = V238008N10
|EXTRA = {{s|John Nugra|Medical Record}}
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Awards
|Rising Star Award|1
|Natasha Yar Pin|1
|Genesis Award|1
|B-Plot Award|2r
|Neelix Award|1
|Laudean Commendation|1
|Sheathed Sword|1
|1-year Member|1
|3-year Member|1
|5-year Member|1
|James T. Kirk Cross|1
|Chief's Citation Award|1
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Service Ribbons
|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|1
'''Commander John Nugra''' is a Risk Assessment Chief Security Officer on aboard the {{USS|AthenaWellington}}.
Unfortunately, these were fake memories imprinted on [[Nugra|Colonel Nugra]] by [[The Dream Master (Doyle-A)|an alien entity called the Dream Master in a dream world.]] Colonel Nugra died in the process of freeing the Dream Master from a parasitic entity. The alien being created John Nugra as a thank you to the Gorn and the crew of the USS Doyle.
Having many of the memories and experiences of Colonel Nugra, John Nugra is the Gorn's soul filtered through a human emotional schema. John knows he's not the original Nugra. Starfleet Commander later ruled that due to the amount of memories that he had retained and his ability to live up to Starfleet ideals, he was granted Federation citizenship and a commission under a special provision from Starfleet Command. Upon the recall of the {{USS|Athena}}, he was offered a position as Chief of Security aboard the {{USS|Wellington}} in the [[Ithassa Region]].
{{Heading|Service History|Gold}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lieutenant|Gold|DS9|239307.17|239310.29|Security Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lt. Commander|Gold|DS9|239310.29|239402.14|Risk Assessment Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Commander|Gold|DS9|239402.14|Present239501.04|Risk Assessment Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Commander|Gold|DS9|239501.04|Present|Chief of Security|SHIP=''USS Wellington''}}
{{Ribbons Display}}
{{Awards Header}}
{{Citation|B-Plot Award|238012.22|USS Victory|Awarded for back-story involving his brother Morg.}}
{{Citation|B-Plot Award|238112.01|USS Victory|Given for the Sub-plot "Treason of the Crown".}}
{{Citation|TOSMA|238301.17|USS Victory|For continued improvement of the simming style and character.}}
{{Citation|Natasha Yar Pin|238912.24|USS Thunder-A|Named Security officer of the Year (Duty Post Award) for going above and beyond the call of duty to protect the crew and the ship.}}
{{Citation|Neelix Award|238912.24|USS Thunder-A|For selflessly helping out members of the crew to improve their simming quality and standing in the fleet.}}
{{Citation|Genesis Award|239012.25|USS Thunder-A|For great improvement in simming ability.}}
{{Citation|Rising Star Award|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}
{{Citation|James T. Kirk Cross|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}
{{Citation|Laudean Commendation|239306.22|USS Doyle-A|[[Doyle Award Ceremony, 2016]].}}
{{Citation|Chief's Citation Award|239306.28|USS Doyle-A|For exemplary work in the community as a staff member.}}
{{Citation|Sheathed Sword|239406.27|USS Athena|For showing John's suffering and adjustment to his Gorn to human transformation.}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|238008.04|Starfleet Academy Equiv.|Graduating Equivalent Academy (Gorn Space Navy)}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}
{{Heading|SIM Archive|Gold}}
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