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Talia Kaji

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|SHIP = USS Gorkon
|RANK = Lt. Commander
|PIPSTYLE = SlantedDS9|POST = Chief Science Medical Officer
|COLOR = Teal
|SPECIES = Rodulan
|IMAGE = Kajiimage5Kaji2395.png
|EXTRA = {{s|Kaji, Talia|Medical Record}} * {{s|Kaji, Talia|Academy Transcript}}
{{Ribbons Rack
*'''Appearance''': While her size and build are quite average, Kaji sticks out in a crowd. Her intense personality comes across in her manner and tone. She is rarely formal; her uniform is often askew, or the sleeves are rolled up. As a counselor, she wore civilian clothes rather than a standard uniform.
*'''Off Duty Appearance''': Comfortable, simple clothes. She prefers bright colors that set off her dark skin.
*'''Shoes''': Simple slip -on shoes or soft boots.
*'''Handedness''': Right.
Kaji likes to be comfortable. When she is in uniform, her sleeves are often rolled up to her elbows to make work easier. Her off-duty wardrobe is mostly loose, brightly colored sweaters and tunic shirts over thin trousers. She has short, loose hair that she usually keeps straightened.
Her on-duty shoes are always sensible, orthopedic slip-on shoes. Years of working in a trauma unit have trained her to wear shoes that help her stay on her feet for days. She rarely wears shoes in her quarters, but will wear her everyday shoes when she goes out.
Their relationship was strong from the beginning. Talia's enthusiasm and Kyo's stoic strength complemented each other well. He was a very simple and honest man, so her telepathy didn't bother him very much, and he adjusted rather quickly. Talia's greatest struggle was the difference in their species, particularly their different life-spans.As Kyo and Talia's relationship grew more serious, they began to discuss a more permanent commitment. Kyo was interested in the Rodulan bond-pairing. Though he couldn't sense Talia's thoughts, they believed the commitment of sharing and creating a thought, a dream, was the most intense vow they could imagine.
Before their move, Talia found out she was pregnant. It wasn't planned, but she and Kyo were thrilled. Rodulans very much discourage unplanned pregnancies, and the Kaji family tried to force Talia to return home so her older family could raise the child. Kaji and Maeda decided to leave Rodul to make a new life on their own. Talia joined Starfleet to give her the freedom she desired, and Kyo requested a transfer to a new ship. The process took about a year, and meanwhile, they welcomed a newborn Benjiro Maeda Kaji into their family.
Benjiro Maeda Kaji was born on Stardate 238706.11.
{{Heading|Starfleet Career|Blue}}{{DoyleGorkon-nav}}
====Starfleet Records & Assessments====
* ''Full Article: [[Kaji, Talia-StarFleet Records|StarFleet Records]]''
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Colonel
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Nugra]] and Kaji met while assigned to the Duronis II Embassy. They had several personality clashes, but Kaji became fascinated by the severe Gorn. They forged a tenuous friendship. He requested for her to be assigned to his ship, the [[USS Victory]] as Chief Medical Officer, but later decided her natural skills would be more suitable to Ship's Counselor.
As they served together across the Victory and the Columbia, Kaji began to see him as more than just a friend. He became one of the most important people in her life. His death in 2393 absolutely devestated devastated her.
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[File:Iria-image.jpg|100px|center|thumb|Iria]]
! style="background:#800000;" |{{Pips|Lt. Commander|Red|Slanted}}
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Lt. Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" | 239305.01 - 239308.05
! style="background:#ffffff;" | [[USS Doyle-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" | First Officer
! style="background:#800000;" |{{Pips|Civilian|Silver|Slanted}}
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Civilian
! style="background:#ffffff;" | 239308.05 - 239504.20
! style="background:#ffffff;" | Obsidian Colony
! style="background:#ffffff;" | Medical Research
! style="background:#800000;" |{{Pips|Lt. Commander|Teal|Slanted}}

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