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Once you've gotten your space legs, you'll be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations! You're now ready to start digging in and not only honing your skills, but possibly even helping newer members of the crew.
Lieutenant JG officers are ready for advancement to the rank of Lieutenant when they continue to meet all of the requirements for [[Promotions/Lieutenant (Junior Grade)|promotion to Lieutenant JG]], and in addition:
# '''Sim their character appropriately per their Duty Post'''. Back when you were an Ensign, we suggested that you check in with your [ Duty Post on the forums]. Now that you're a Lieutenant JG, you need to really learn how to best play your character so that they not only fit into the plot appropriately, but also are able to contribute to the plot. This means figuring out, for example, how to be an Engineer without having to break something every plot!
# '''Pro-actively seek to include other playing characters in their sims'''. You've definitely experienced, by this point, being included in other people’s sims via “tags” or Joint Posts. It’s time to consider what other characters on your crew that you can bring into your sims, and start doing that regularly. This means learning when it’s appropriate, and how to create scenes that make this useful and interesting.
# '''Participate in one or more OOC activities of the ship''' (ship forum, ship website, ship wiki, etc.). If you’re not familiar with your ship’s OOC areas, talk to your mentor, or First Officer. He or she can tell you if your ship has a website or just a wiki area, and how you can help there. You should also get familiar with the wiki area for your ship, and learn how you can pro-actively contribute things like plot information. If you haven’t already, go to the forums and reply to some of the threads in your ship’s forum, or start your own. You can check other ship forums for inspiration, if you need it.
# '''Demonstrate that your writing abilities''' are among the best in your simming group and that your written English is proficient such that spelling and grammatical mistakes in sims are uncommon or rare.
While the following items are not required for promotion, they are good to complete for the sake of preparing for your next rank:
* '''Stay up-to-date on community news''': there’s a lot going-on around our fleet, and staying current with our Community News will help you see the bigger picture of our community, and learn about ways that you can get more involved. You can read the [ Community News]] on our website each day, or you can subscribe via [ email or RSS] You can also follow [ our Twitter account], which announces any new Community News posts.* '''Check out the Community Awards''': our [[Community Awards]] occur at the end of each year. Skim over the list of awards available, and consider which ones you might be interested in attaining. Also consider who, among your crew matescrewmates, might be a good fit for an award, as well. Plan to submit those nominations when awards open.* '''Submit a sim to the Top Sims ContestSim Appreciation Forum''': you can show your peers how much you appreciate their hard work by submitting sims to the Top Sims Contest Sim Appreciation Forum on a regular basis. If someone on your crew creates a particularly well-written sim, be sure to head to the [http Contest forum], read the rules and procedure to submit a sim (it only takes a minute), and make it a habit. Your peers will appreciate that you recognize their writing, and they will probably reciprocate!
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