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Philip Neri Styles

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He had many different duties on the Station but one of his favorites are the classes he teaches at the Academy along with helping to be a moral compass for those that need him as they are about to make hard choices.
Danoel launched on 239302.07 with Philip also got the crew of the [[USS Aegis]] on a mission known as All Time High in codded. One this Mission Lt. Commander Rilem was informed he would be on the away mission to lend a hand. At the pre-briefing he and Lt. Commander [[Theo Whittaker]] had some heated talk. Theo vowed opportunity to make Danoel's travel and the Chief help out of the Intel's life miserable if Danoel with held Intel from him. Danoel came worlds that were struggling, before returning back with you don't want to get on the bad side of an Internal Affairs Agent, not to mention the Chief of Internal AffairsSB118.
! style="background:black;" | [[File:Academy.jpg|120px]]
| style="background:black;" colspan=4 |<font face="Verdana">'''Student: 2375 - 2379''' <br> '''Major:''' Intelligence Divinity <br>'''Specialization:''' CryptoTheology and Philosophy
! style="background:grey; color:white;" colspan="5" |'''Starbase 118'''
! style="background:black;" |<font size="1" face="Verdana">238412.27 - 238509.01
! style="background:black; color:white;" colspan="5" |'''Worked off Base for two years on a Missions of Mercytour, doing out reach'''
! style="background:grey;" colspan="5" |<font color=white>'''Starbase 118'''</font>

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