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Philip Neri Styles

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Danoel like the Star Fleet Academyfor a Chaplin is much different, he was reseved wellits only one year long, and he found that he did it is not have to work overly hard to maintain his grades in Intel classes, but had to work every had academic in Diplomacy, Command, and Operationsnature. The few Engineering classes he took he was doing very will in, but it was It is to get the Intel classes that he really shined in Chaplin ready for Star Fleet rules and regulations and the Placement Officer had been rightcode of conduct. He had been doing It also has time for formation for the Chaplin to see if this for years and just did not know itis what they really want.
[[Image:Academy.jpg|thumb|300px|left|Academy Grounds]]
Danoel meet a few people that he liked at the Academy, one was his bunk mate, James Thorn, a Human. The two got along very well. This was odd for Danoel, as he did not get along with many people seeing how he liked to keep mostly to him self. The two became good study buddies and even went out on a few double dates. James was very much the ladies man, and Danoel struggled with that, but James was able to help him a lot.
At Philip got his modified Cadets uniform, with clergy collar on it. His days at the end of Academy were more relaxed than those at the Seminary. His days started at 8m with breakfast and coffee and then onto classes. He still however was an early riser and started off each morning in the Chapel and reading. His time in the Academy Danoel San Fransisco was sent good. He had a lot of free time and really got to finish training at explore the 118th Fleet Academy Center on Star Base 118city. He was then stationed there in classes with others that had the Black Towermodified schedule like that of JAG officers.
After graduation Danoel did take So he made some Extended Continuing Education classes, from good friendships with others that were not clergy. All and all the year at the Onsite Academy University, for Command and Leadership, so that was good. At this point he would be able got the offer to improve work on his career and move up along the career path. He felt PhD but choice to not take that opportunity at that was important to becoming an department chief inside of Inteltime.

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