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Philip Neri Styles

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Philip got to spend a year in Rome at the Vatican and studying at both the North American Collage and the Biblicum. He was later ordained a Deacon in Rome at the Vatican under Pope Luke IV. This time was a true gift and again feed his faith. But at night he would often be at the old Vatican Observatory star gazing. This desire to the calling of Star Fleet was growing and working on pushing itself out.
He approached the Holy See and asked permission to be released from his own Diocese of Jupiter with his Bishops blessings so that he could join the Archdiocese of Starfleet. The Cardinal Vicar of Clergy gave his blessing and with just one more year of Seminary to go Philip returned to Ohio and completed his last year of studies.
Returning to Rome he Ordained a priest, this time not at the Vatican but at St. Pauls Outside the Walls, a church that had special meaning for him. How ever he did not have time to enjoy Rome this go around. The Archbishop of StarFleet, Vice Admiral William Moore wanted Styles at Star Fleet Academy the next day.
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