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|{{VPA|Friend in need}}
*At some point before joining Starfleet initially, Blake was a gymnast.<ref>[ ''"Cakapunnual."''], LtCmdr S.Blake, {{USS|Invicta}}, SD 239311.20</ref>
*When [[Zhou Tai-Sheng]] shows up at the Ornaran bar Blake frequents, he orders a Xarantine ale. Blake's first mission in the fleet was {{USS|Challenger|A}}'s [[Between a Rock and a Hard ? (Challenger-A)|Between a Rock and a Hard ?]], where the Challenger was tasked with mediating a dispute between the [[Klingon]]s and the [[Xarantine]].
*Blake remembers piloting techniques from a [[Dero Goi|helm officer]] she served with, but not his name.<ref>[ ''"Running out of paddles."''], LtCmdr S.Blake, {{USS|Invicta}}, SD 239309.27 <br><small>''What could only be described as an excellent yet batty warp jump (rivalling some pilot skills from a man whose name she couldn't possibly remember for the life of her), she'd almost fallen off her chair.''</small></ref>
*Despite being a Starfleet officer, Blake expresses to [[Mei'konda]] that during her years on Veritas and the Syracuse, she couldn't remember a time where Starfleet overall was helpful.<ref>[ ''"Woe is Starfleet."''], LtCmdr S.Blake, {{USS|Veritas}}, SD 239402.10</ref>
*The sim title "Grey-blue distance" is a low-key reference to iconic Australian poem [ ''My country''] by Dorothea Mackellar. In the sim, Blake even utters the lines "I love a sunburnt country".<ref>[ ''"Grey-blue distance."''], LtCmdr S.Blake, {{USS|Veritas}}, SD 239411.02<br><small>'''''Blake:''' I love a sunburnt country. Where I grew up on Brekka wasn't exactly a desert or a tropical jungle, but it's definitely warmer than this.''</small></ref>
*The sim "A New Year" was written during and referenced Melbourne's 2018 New Years celebrations (of which was televised).<ref>[ ''"A New Year.''"], LtCmdr S.Blake, {{USS|Veritas}}, SD 239501.01 <br><small>''She moved around from behind the counter, the new years celebrations with some very tall, very colourful people wearing large clogs singing something about surviving on the view screen in the background.''</small></ref>
*Blake's quarters being located on Deck 4 is a running gag, as deck 4 of the {{USS|Challenger|A}} and the {{USS|Ronin}} was constantly destroyed/flushed out into space.
*As she's assigned to the Bajak Laut sector, Blake's title is technically "Bajak Laut Ranger" - which literally translates to "Pirate Ranger".

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