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Alucard Vess/Friends and Family

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*'''Spouse:''' [[Vess, Angie|Angie Vess]], [[Turner, Toni|Captain Turner's]] former nanny. Married 238907.29 [[Vess-Courtship|Courtship]]
===={{n|Ayiana Sevo}}====
[[Image:Sevo.png|125px|left|Ayiana Sevo]] Alucard first met the joined Trill when she came aboard the USS Victory fresh from the Academy. The two have served together ever since. They have been through hell together, and although maybe not best friends they are certainly more than just colleagues.
[[Image:Nugraimage.jpg|125px|left|Nugra]] Alucard's second CO. While not exactly friends, the two developed a great respect for each other and kept in touch until the Gorn's death.
===={{n|Toni Turner}}====
[[Image:Tonilg.png|125px|left|Toni Turner]] Alucard's first CO. Toni saw something in Alucard and gave him the opportunity to take his career in the direction he wanted. She didn't even mind when he married her nanny, which somewhat uprooted her family life.

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