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Vincent Jones

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Vince Jones was born and raised in the mountains of Idaho on Earth. He was an only child, and thus was often spoiled. The family was close, and they often did just about everything together. From the earliest memories, Vince could remember wanting to be a Marine just like his father, and he set his entire life up to do just that. For the first 16 years of his life, things were simple and easy to understand.
As time passed, his father fell deeper into depression. Despite the help that they tried to bring into the house, Michael refused any and all treatment. He simply could not bear to talk about the images that plagued him, although he once stated to Vince that he should never allow another to fall just because of rank. As Vince has progressed through the ranks of the Corps, and did background research on his father's command, he has pieced together that his entire company was lost, save him and two other higher ranking officers. Vince believes that his father blamed himself, and that is why he suffered so much.
==='''Repercussions of War'''===
One year after he returned home from the war, and three days before Vince's 18th birthday, Michael Jones took his own life. He left a note detailing his inability to cope with what he felt was the responsibility for the deaths of so many 'bright Marines', and thus, he felt that by joining them, retribution would be paid. The family, that had been so close, was torn apart. Vince's mother fell into a depression and chose to remain at work most days late into the night. Vince found himself alone most of the time, and so, he decided one day to enlist.
Knowing that his mother would not take the news well, he simply left her a note that said he was going off to find his future. She never contacted him at the address he left, and the few friends he remains in contact with say that she almost never returns home from the college she works at. Vince made one attempt to contact her, and was told that she could not associate with an organization that took her soul mate from her, and as a result, the two no longer speak.
==='''Loyalty Above All'''===
Over the years, Vince has risen through the enlisted ranks of the Starfleet Marine Corps. He currently serves under Lt. Kalianna Nicholotti (now Captain) on the USS Resolution, and she has been guiding him towards a higher leadership position. He never thought about leading or serving in a larger capacity until she came along, but now he is trying to learn all he can in the hopes that soon he will be able to cross over the enlisted/officer threshold and become a warrant officer for the Corps.
Vince has no siblings, and no longer communicates with his mother. With his father dead, and no other family ties to connect to, Vince feels free to do what he needs to in his job. He is not rash or short sighted, but he does not have to think twice about stepping into the danger zone if that is what is required of him.
==='''Separation and Return'''===
Having served with Kali Nicholotti for a while, Vince found it difficult to part ways when she was reassigned. The friendship they developed held them close, but limited contact eventually caused them to go long periods without talking. The longest period came to a sudden end, however, when the ship she was on, the USS Victory, was reassigned to Starbase 118. It was that day that he suddenly realized, as he met her at the docking port, that he loved her. It wasn't a little thing or a fleeting crush either. He looked at her and the definite nature of the feeling was just there.
It's not until he hears of a plot to assassinate her that he finds himself inflamed again. He arms himself heavily and sets off to follow her from the shadows; a plot quickly ruined by someone he'd not expected to see again - Colt Daniels. He also suspiciously eyes a new man, whom he would later learn to be David Cody, after seeing the looks exchanged between him and Kali. Dreading having to handle her heart broken again from his place forever in the shadows, he already forms a defensive opinion of the man, taking on the same stance he had when the tactical officer and Kali had started getting close.
With his patience ever wearing thinner==='''A New Patrol'''===History, and time, he vows vengeance in march on and drift into the past. Having found the event that this Cody ever breaks balance, Jonesy continues to serve Kali as a member of her heart...diplomatic security team wherever she goes.Knowing that she has a habit of breaking, or trying to break, general order 15, he is far from front line battle, but always on his toes.
=='''Professional History and Education'''==

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