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Kali Nicholotti

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As soon as she could, Kali requested a return to the Trinity sector, where she had served a good part of her career. If there were memories to be found and people to be helped, it would be aboard Starbase 118. So, without any further wait, she set off and met up with the senior staff on Rankor I in just enough time to accept the resignation of one, Commodore Kinney.
==='''Learning to Fly a Desk'''===
At first, it was a struggle for Kali to get back into the groove of things, especially with the new job and title of Ambassador. Thankfully, she ended up on a tiny ship, the Blackwell, where she could do some real good. Instead of the difficulties she'd faced on 118, where there were meetings after meetings, and a massive diplomatic department, she suddenly found herself on the edge of what was and what might have been. In the thick of things, she might have still been behind a desk, but she was very much knee deep in the middle of things. As she began her journey, [[Nicholotti The Path To The Stars|she reflected on the path]] that brought her there.

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