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:''Creating a basic bio is quick and easy to do! Wherever you see brackets below, just add in the text you need, replacing things like 'your name' or 'your ship' with the relevant information inside the coding provided, or follow the instructions given - then delete the brackets and any instructions inside them! Once you're done, you'll have a bare bones bio that you can build on using the FBC tutorials, getting tips from other people's bios or adding your own ideas! Click "edit" to get started! Good luck and enjoy!''
<!--Let's start with your sidebar! Take out Harry Kim's info above and put in your own character's information. Valid colors are Red, Gold, Blue, Teal, Violet, Black, Silver, and Green. Remember those colors as we'll be using them for the section headers in the rest of this bio.
{{Heading|(Background/Personality/Career History)|Green}}In the coding aboveGenkos had a caring nature as a child. His father, a veternarian, delete two of the headings so that only one remains. You can then type here as if you were writing on notepad introduced him to drop in some information about your characterbiology, his first passion. If Couple that with his natural empathic powers and you want have a caring young man, yearning to use bullets, copy and paste explore the star abovestars. You can also look This dream was contorted however by an horrific transporter accident that left Genkos without a left leg below the knee, leaving him reliant on a cane for mobility.Genkos then threw himself into the Academy, burying himself into the forums study of Medicine and Biology in all its forms, sacrificing any social life for the wiki for tutorials on how to use more adventurous codingcraft. Want to include sections for Background,  {{Heading|(Personality AND )|Green}} {{Heading|(Career History? Just copy the code for the title bar above, then paste it in type in the title you want - you can add extra sections in too!)|Green}}
{{Heading|Service History|Green}}

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