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* '''Build:''' Athletic
* '''Handedness:''' Right
*'''Mannerisms''': R'Val is a very no-nonsense individual with little humor. While in the performance her duties, she is all business and very single-minded. Very little changes when she is off duty, except that she allows herself the "luxury" of practicing her combat skills.
*'''Physical Limitations''': None.
*'''Temperament''': Like most of her kind, R'Val is very hot-tempered, especially if her honor is at stake.*'''Habits''':R'Val received a new honor blade from her brother as a symbol that her mnei'sahe had been restored. She now carries that blade everywhere. Additionally, R'Val has developed the habit of drinking coffee due to her long exile on Earth.
*'''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': Adheres to the Way of D'era and reveres the Elements

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