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Currently one of the minor nobles of House Beruna is acting governor until such time as a more permanent one can be assigned.
===Colony Layout===
The main part of the colony is located at the base of the tether that connects the ground and orbital elements of the space port. With a population of approximately 90,000 living either close to or within a 50 mile radius of the space port. Beside the domed compounds reserved for government and House Beruna use their are a number of others. These belong to the various different merchant houses which maintain permanent facilities on this planet as well as those that belong to a mix of minor nobles from various houses and the survivors of House Faloda. The vast majority of the common people who call this planet home live in scattered dwellings outside of the domes and near the various different refining facilities or in outlying areas near or on large farming facilities. Only a small percentage of the common people own their own homes, farms or small businesses.
The rest of the population live in scattered mining communities located all over the planets surface.
===Space Port===
On 229411.28 the crew of the USS Atlantis visited the planet to act as diplomatic mediators due to the fact that the Valcarian Imperial Republic had taken control of both the colony and the space port. One of the minor houses aligned with House Beruna of the Caraadian Empire had defected, transferring their loyalty and control of the colony and the space port to the Valcarians.
   Several noble and Merchant houses call The master mind behind the planet home along with a large settlement Caraadians retaking of commoners who dwell around both the colony and the planet's busy space portwas Earl Ardunas Sethaz. This individual seems to be very competent and ruthless.  
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